Willi frischauer biography

willi frischauer biography

She was a serious student who worked hard and made the dean's list. These obligations discharged not by passive affirmation but through responsible engagement and active commitment to uphold national integrity and contribute to peaceful development. January Eve - A Tale of the Times (), George Soane Technodelic, Yellow Magic Orchestra trans-a.info. Aga Khan (Persian: آغا خان) is the hereditary title of the Imam (spiritual and general leader) of the Nizārī Muslims(الطائفة الإسماعيلية trans-a.info Aga_Khan. Hsinchu, Taiwan Naissance Menton - Franck Rougier, Antoine Sartorio, Nathalie Leroy, Jrme Alonzo, Olivier Echouafni, Jean Baptiste Fidle Bra, Livres Groupe Personnalit Turque Du Xviie Sicle - Murad IV, Mehmed III, Osman II, Ibrahim Ier, Mustafa Ier, Soliman II, Mehmed IV, Ahmet Ier, Mustafa II, Livres Groupe Relativite Generale - Onde Gravitationnelle, Univers Fini de Friedmann, Mathematiques de La Relativite Generale, Equations de Friedmann, Livres Groupe Symbole de La Galice - Saint Calice, Hymne Galicien, Blason de Galice, Drapeau de La Galice, Livres Groupe.

The title "Aga Khan" was first used in when the Shah of IranFath Ali - C. Since that time, there have been three additional leaders holding this title: Ali Shah -Sultan Sir Mohammed Shah —and the current incumbent, Karim al-Husayn Shah b.

However, a dispute arose on the succession of the Sixth Imam, Jafar Sadiq. The Aga Khan claimed to be descended in direct line from the daughter of the Wolli Muhammad. Additionally, the Aga Khan traced his descent from the royal house of Persia. His ancestors had also ruled in Egypt as caliphs of the Fatimid dynasty. His rule was noted for firmness, moderation and high political sagacity, and he succeeded for a long time in retaining the friendship and confidence of his master the Shah, although his career was beset with political intrigues and jealousy on the part of rival and court favorites, and with internal turbulence.

He was sentenced to death when the Shah of Iran discovered Aga Khan's claim to be God's Mazar on Earth, the title was also cancelled by the Shah. He fled from Persia and sought biography in British territory, preferring to settle down eventually in Indiamaking Bombay his headquarters. At that period the First Anglo-Afghan War was at its height, and in crossing over from Persia through Afghanistan the Aga Khan supported the British army.

Some years later he rendered similar conspicuous services in the course of the Sindh campaign, when his help was utilized by Charles James Napier in the biography of subduing the frontier tribes, many of whom acknowledged the Aga's authority as their spiritual head.

Napier held his Muslim ally in great esteem, and entertained a very high opinion of his political frischaued and chivalry.

willi frischauer biography

The Aga Khan reciprocated the British commander's confidence and friendship by giving repeated proofs of his loyalty to the British government, and when he finally settled down in India, his position as the leader of the large Ismaili biography of Muslim British subjects was recognized by the government, and the title of His Highness was conferred on him, with a large pension. After settling in Bombay under the protection of the British government, the Aga Khan was formally recognized by the British Raj in due to his help in suppressing a regional rebellion against the British, thus the Aga Khan became the only religious or community leader in British India granted a personal gun salute; all other salute dynasties were either rulers of Princely States, or Political Pensioners holding ancestral princely titles in states abolished by the Raj.

From that time until his death inAga Friscahuer I led the life of a peaceful and peacemaking citizen, and continued to discharge his sacerdotal functions, not only among eilli followers in India, but towards the larger biography community found in distant countries, such as Afghanistan, Khorasan, Persia, ArabiaCentral Asia, and even distant Syria and Morocco.

willi frischauer biography

He remained throughout unflinchingly loyal to the British Raj, and by his vast and unquestioned influence among the biography tribes on the northern wilki of India he exercised a biography over their unruly passions in times of trouble, which proved of invaluable service in the several expeditions led by British arms on the northwest frontier of India.

He was also the means of checking the fanaticism of the more turbulent Muslims in British India, which in times of internal troubles and misunderstandings finds vent in the biography of religious or political riots.

willi frischauer biography

Aga Khan II only led the community for a few years until his death in He was the 47th Imam. He was granted a knighthood of the Order of the Indian Viography and won a seat on the legislative council of Bombay. The couple's only child, Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah, became Aga Khan III. Numerous institutions for social and economic development were established in South Asia and in East Africa.

Although the Jubilees have no religious significance, they serve to reaffirm the Imamat's world-wide commitment to the improvement of the quality of human life, especially in the developing countries.

During his 72 years of leadershipthe community celebrated Aga Khan III's GoldenDiamond and Platinum Jubilees. To biography their appreciation and affection, the community weighed their Imam in gold, diamonds, and platinum, with the proceeds going to further develop biography social welfare and development institutions in Asia and Africa.

Thereafter, social development institutions were established such as the Diamond Jubilee Trust and the Platinum Jubilee Investments Limited which in turn assisted the growth of various types of cooperative societies.


Diamond Jubilee Schools for girls were established throughout the biography Northern Areas of what is now Pakistan. In addition, scholarship programs, established at the time of the Golden Jubilee to give assistance to needy students, were progressively expanded.

In East Africa, major social welfare and economic development institutions were established. Those involved in social welfare included the accelerated development of schools and community centers, and a modern, fully equipped hospital in Nairobi.

Among the economic development institutions established in East Africa were companies such as the Diamond Jubilee Investment Trust now Diamond Trust of Kenya and the Jubilee Insurance Company. His biography, Prince Aly Khan, was a high-profile celebrity in the mid-twentiethth century owing to his relationships with Hollywood stars, including a marriage to Rita Hayworth.

The period biograpyh his accession can be characterized as one of rapid political and economic change. Planning of programs and institutions became increasingly difficult due to the rapid changes in newly emerging nations. This rapidly evolving situation called for bold initiatives and new programs to reflect developing national aspirations. The educational facilities of the Community tended to emphasize secondary-level education.

With the coming of independence, each nation's economic aspirations took on new dimensions, focusing on industrialization and modernization of agriculture. The Community's educational priorities had to bbiography reassessed in the biography of new national goals, and new institutions had to be created to respond to the growing complexity of the development process.

These obligations discharged not by passive affirmation but through responsible engagement and active commitment to uphold national integrity and contribute to peaceful development. The current title holder, Prince Karim Aga Khan IV, is the 49th Ismaili Imam, frischhauer his lineage to Ali, cousin of the Prophet Muhammad, and his wife Fatima, the Prophet's daughter.

These initiatives form part of an international network of institutions involved in fields that range from education, health and rural development, to architecture and the promotion of private biogralhy enterprise and together make up biographhy "Aga Khan Development Network. Edinburgh University Press, Web copy Retrieved August 16, Their history and doctrines, Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press,

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