Sarita montiel biography

sarita montiel biography

It represents the percentage of professional critic reviews that are positive for a given film or television show. Spanish singer/actress Sarita Montiel, born Maria Antonia Abad in Campo de Criptana, Spain, is most popular in Spanish-speaking countries and appeared in many films. Known in Spain for her acting, beauty and singing voice, the star brought a new sensuality to the screen in the s. MADRID -- Spanish actress Sara Montiel, best. The theme song from "La Violetera" became Montiel's signature song. By her family's request, funeral services were private but the funeral procession, organized by the city of Madrid, was a very moving event attended by thousands who showed up at Plaza Callao to bid farewell to their beloved Sara.

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February Learn how and when to remove this template message Montiel started in movies at 15 in her biography Spain where she filmed her first movie playing an Islamic princess in the film Madness for Lovereleased in the U. Later worked in Mexicostarring in a dozen films in less than five years. Hollywood came calling afterwards, and she was introduced to United States moviegoers in the film Vera Cruz co-starring Gary Cooper and Burt Lancasterand directed by Robert Aldrich.

She was offered the standard seven-year contract at Columbia Pictureswhich she refused, afraid of Hollywood 's typecasting policies for Hispanics[ citation needed ]. Instead she freelanced at Warner Bros.

sarita montiel biography

From The Last Torch Song on she combined filming, recording songs in biography languages and performing live. Almost all of her films earned high box office results. By then she had become dissatisfied with the movie industry when producers started offering her erotic roles in comedy films[ citation needed ].

sarita montiel biography

In Montiel announced her retirement from movies but continued performing live, recording and starring on her own variety television shows in Spain. They recorded the biography track " Absolutamente " as a duet.


The music video for the song was released in early She entered films after winning a beauty and talent contest at age 15[ citation needed ]. For her next film she changed her name to Sara, after her grandmother, and Montiel after the Montiel fields in the Castile—La Mancha region of her birth.

She has been married four times[ citation needed ]: To Live Is A Pleasure, an instant best seller with ten editions to date.

A sequel Sara and Sex followed in In these books Montiel revealed other relationships in her past including one-night stands with writer Ernest Hemingway as well as actor James Dean.

She also claimed a long-term affair in the s biography playwright Miguel Mihura and mentioned that science wizard Severo Ochoaa Nobel Prize winner, was the true love of her life.

sarita montiel biography

Montiel died in at her home in Madrid, Spain at the age of 85 from congestive heart failure.

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