Santitos colon biography

santitos colon biography

He is a strong catalog sale artist, whose songs are included in almost every Salsa artist's repertoire. In November of he became Dr. Santos Colón discography and songs: Portrait of Santos Colon. Santitos. Love Story. • Santitos / Meñique. Santitos. Listen to the biggest hits from Santitos Colon, including Noche De Paz, Usted, Mi Llanto y La Lluvia, and more on Slacker Radio. This could happen for a number of reasons:

His achievements in all his activities are widely recognized. Though the adulation given Colon's early recordings is fully justified, it has the unfortunate side-effect of blinding people to his equally fine recent recordings.

Yet aside from the fact that he'd turned himself into an excellent and very individual singer, the recordings he made just before his political ambitions took over are by any measure outstanding.

Johnson was to jazz. He is a strong catalog sale artist, whose colones biography are included in almost every Salsa artist's repertoire. His music, which has powerfully influenced modern Latin biographj, reflects both rhythmic traditional lyrics and the cries of farewell and hope from a new generation pressured to abandon their homeland to congregate in urban America. Her strong beliefs and personality also powerfully influenced his devotion to his cultural roots.

During his musical and cultural colon biography from the Bronx to the world scene, he moved from a fascination with the tropical paradise of his ancestors to the stark street images of rebellious youth and social struggle and finally to a mature fusion of joy and injustice, beauty and suffering, romance and realism. He has become an articulate and responsible public figure -- clever at injecting political messages into his music without becoming overbearing.

He has been a visiting professor and lecturer at many prestigious colleges and universities. As a community leader, he has won bioggaphy local affection and national recognition. He declined this distinction in order to run in New York States 17th Congressional District primary.


In he biograpgy awarded Yale University's CHUBB Fellowship, a colon biography recognition he shares with the late John F. Kennedy, Moshe Dyane, Jesse Jackson, Ronald Reagan, and George Bush, to colon biography a few. In he became the first minority to serve on the prestigious ASCAP National Board of Trustees. In he was nominated as one of the colon biography Influential U. Hispanics by Hispanic Business Magazine.

On February 12th in collaboration with the United Nation's women's organization UNIFEM, and the Mexican colon biography organization SEMILLAS, Willie hosted the tremendously successful International Women's Day fund raiser.

This initiative received Pope John Paul II's endorsement and later prompted President Clinton to forgive the US portion of the third world indebted countries.

santitos colon biography

In November of he santjtos Dr. It was through Willie's urging that Governor Pataki visited Vieques and pledged his support. On April 16,Willie received the EPA's "Environmental Quality Award" from EPA Director Gov.

This is the EPA's highest award for people that do not work for the Agency. He also composed and produced Bloomberg's Spanish campaign jingle. They packed Hiram Bithorn Stadium with 27, fans who turned out for this 3 hour concert show that included many of their early hits together.

On February 27th Willie was received by the Peruvian Congress and Vice Aantitos Carlos A. He was also feted coolon the Mayor Alex Coury of El Callao, Lima.

santitos colon biography

Julia Craig Trade Mark 3 He is called the Original Gangster by Rappers and Hip Hop. His style is rooted in urban themes Many of his album will have a tongue in colon biography, bad boy connotation Most songs have excellent lyric content and a sophisticated musical approach Trivia 34 Spring Announced his biogrwphy for Bronx borough presidency. Grand Honor and Title of Musketeer. Vic Fezenzac, France on July 29, Received by President of Panama Omar Torrijos and First Lady, Vivian Fernandez de Torrijos at the Palace of Doves December 9, Honored By American Bible Society October 11, for colones biography to aid the Hispanic community.

Inducted to Bronx Walk of Fame June 26, Military Order of the Santifos 28 October Lt. Environmental Quality Award Environmental Protection Agency. Latin NY Music Awards Album of the Year - Fantasmas.

Latin NY Music Awards Musician of the Year.

Latin NY Music Awards Composer of the Year. Latin NY Music Awards Producer of the Year. Record World Magazine Award - Most Sucessful Band Leader - Puerto Rico.

santitos colon biography

Record World Magazine Award - Best Production Puerto Rico. Record World Magazine Award - Best Salsa Production - Miami. Record World Magazine Award - Best Producer International Salsa. Latin NY Music Awards Musician of The Year. Latin NY Music Awards Trombonist of the Year. Latin NY Music Awards Producer of the Year - Siembra. Premios Ace Spanish Music Critics Award. Latin NY Music Awards Producer of The Year - De Ti Depende. Latin NY Music Awards Araanger Of The Year - Periodico De Ayer.

Latin NY Music Awards Trombonist. Latin NY Music Awards Best Conjunto. New York, NY USA: Currently lives in New York and Florida, concert touring worldwide. Actively involved in New York and International politics. He was involved in the Venezuelan elections and currently in the New York City race.

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