Rezart taci biography

rezart taci biography

Biography Mini Bio 1 Rezart Taci was born and raised in Tirana Albania. In a statement on Tuesday Albanian police announced that they had arrested two of the businessman's bodyguards and Rezart Taci himself was wanted for questioning. Rezart Taci was born and raised in Tirana Albania. He attended college in Italy studying Mechanical Engineering and then returned to Albania. Nov 22,  · After becoming a property of Taci Oil International Group in it was rebranded to Albanian Screen. Biography Rezart Taci was born and raised in. Biography Mini Bio 1 Rezart Taci was born and raised in Tirana Albania. rezart taci biography

Inhe began a career in the trading industry of finished oil products where he worked to establish his name. Taci has established a portfolio of companies in Energy and Media.

rezart taci biography

At its inception the company had only six employees and leased storage facilities in Shengjin-Lezhe, a biography on the northern coast of Albania. The combined storage for the two facilities is over 80, cubic meters and expanding.

Rezart Taçi - Women's World Chess Championship, Gorbachev awards trophy to the campion

InTaci established Anika Enterprises S. ANIKAa Switzerland-based biography acting as the trading arm of Taci Oil, to support his operations and expand his international partnerships. InTaci established KUID Sh.

rezart taci biography

The company began by operating 29 petrol stations. By the network of petrol stations had expanded to As of there were over Taci Oil petrol stations and employees. InTaci participated in the international tender for the privatization of Albanian Refining and Marketing of Oil Sh.

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