New biography of rachel carson

new biography of rachel carson

Greider Barbara Holdridge Ligia Peralta Gertrude Poe Lucy Diggs Slowe June A. Rachel Carson died in after a long battle against breast cancer. Rachel Carson Biography Rachel Carson was born in a small rural Pennsylvania opened a new perspective to concerned environmentalists on the term. Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Rachel Carson . Read Remembering Rachel provided a new perspective on conservation to concerned environmentalists. In addition to the thorough literature search, she had investigated hundreds of individual incidents of pesticide exposure and the human sickness and ecological damage that resulted.

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new biography of rachel carson

Wildlife Conservation Society Resources. Writings By and About Conservationists SALE TABLE. Environmental Education Resources SALE TABLE.

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Science and Nature Kits. Waterford Press Nature Guides. RACHEL CARSON, A Biography. Few people have had as new biography of rachel carson an impact on the modern environmental movement as has the great writer and scientist Rachel Carson. She made a critical decision to switch her major in college from English to biology; she suffered financial problems during the Depression; and family and work responsibilities left her little time to write.

new biography of rachel carson

She struggled for years to become a writer, working in relative obscurity for 15 years at the U. Fish and Wildlife Service writing pamphlets and brochures.

She also endured harsh criticism of Silent Spring toward the end of her life while terribly ill. This biography shows how Carson overcame these difficulties and persevered to become one of the most influential writers of the last half of the 20th century.

Her legacy as a champion of nature continues 50 years after her death.

new biography of rachel carson

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