Nelly egyptian actress biography

nelly egyptian actress biography

Open Your Eyes - Harb Atalia - you are my age. Nelly Karim, an Egyptian actress, was born on December 18, in Alexandria, Egypt. CV Content: Biography Information of Nilly Karim Biography Life Story of Nilly Karim. Nelly Artin Kalfayan (Armenian: Նելլի Արթին Կալֆայան, born 3 January in Cairo, Egypt), better known by the mononym Nelly, is an Egyptian. The school she attended as a child was run by and for people of Armenian descent in Cairo. nelly egyptian actress biography

Family background[ edit ] Nelly is of Armenian descent from a family who migrated from AleppoSyria. The school she attended as a child was run by and for people of Armenian descent in Nslly.

Nelly was married to the Egyptian film director Husam al-Dine Mustafa, and later on she married musician Mody al Imam.

She appeared in a dozen movies as a child, and also took part in radio serials, and in theatrical works. Her fame grew larger inat age 17, with the first film in which she had the nelly egyptian actress biography role, "Al Murahiqa as Saghira".

One of her most critically acclaimed roles was the secondary role she played in "Al Azab Imra'a". Altogether in her career so far Nelly has more than 60 films to her credit.

nelly egyptian actress biography

Most of them have a comic spirit. Nelly has also acted in a number of straight melodrama TV series, most notably acttress and "Ad Dawwama". This is a set of TV comedy shows with lots of music and dancing, with Nelly the star of the shows.

Legendary Egyptian Actress Dies

The hugely followed shows were broadcast to tens of major Arab television stations throughout the Arab World on a daily basis during the holy nelly egyptian actress biography of Ramadan, mixed with general entertainment segments.

Each year's "fawazir" series was held together around a different organizing theme.

nelly egyptian actress biography

Fawazir ArustyFawazir Al KhatbahFawazir Alam WareqFawazir Sanduq El DunyaFawazir Om El OreafFawazir Dunya LaabaFawazir Zay El Naharda She also served as a nelly egyptian actress biography in in The X Factor, XSeer Al Najah TV singing talent search show. In January it was reported that Nelly accepted an actress role in a proposed serious TV drama. If this proposal goes to completion, it will be Nelly's first serious drama role since A profile of Nellu in Arabic paper "Egypt Today" in July

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