Michael weisskopf biography

michael weisskopf biography

Michael Bishop Solomon H. Michael Ellis DeBakey (September 7, – July 11, ) was a Lebanese-American cardiac surgeon, scientist, and medical educator. DeBakey was the chancellor. Books by Michael Weisskopf at trans-a.info, including author biography, book reviews, book summary. Jefferson, Vijayalakshmi Panduri, David M.

Michael Ellis DeBakey September 7, — July 11, was a Lebanese-American cardiac surgeonscientist, and medical educator. He was born in Lake Charles, Louisianaon September 7,[7] to Lebanese immigrants Shaker and Raheeja Dabaghi later Anglicized to DeBakey.

DeBakey received his BS michael weisskopf biography from Tulane University in New Orleans. Inhe received an M. He remained in New Orleans to complete his michael weisskopf biography and residency in surgery at Charity Hospital.

Returning to Tulane Medical School, he served on the surgical faculty from to From tohe was on military leave as a member of the Surgical Consultants' Division in the Office of the Surgeon General of the Army, and in he became its Director and received the Legion of Merit. DeBakey helped develop the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital MASH units and later helped establish the Veteran's Administration Medical Center Research System. He joined the michael weisskopf biography of Baylor University College of Medicine now known as the Baylor College of Medicine inserving as Chairman of the Department of Surgery until DeBakey was president of the college from toserved as Chancellor from to January ; he was then named Chancellor Emeritus.

He was also Olga Keith Wiess and Distinguished Service Professor in the Michael E. DeBakey Department of Surgery at Baylor College of Medicine and Director of the DeBakey Heart Center for michael weisskopf biography and public education at Baylor College of Medicine and The Methodist Hospital. DeBakey's ability to bring his professional knowledge to bear on public policy earned him a reputation as a medical statesman.

michael weisskopf biography

He was a member of the medical advisory committee of the Hoover Commission and was chairman of the President's Commission on Heart Disease, Cancer and Stroke during the Johnson Administration. He worked in numerous michaels weisskopf biography to improve michael weisskopf biography and international standards of health care. Among his numerous consultative appointments was a three-year membership on the National Advisory Heart and Lung Council of the National Institutes of Health.

DeBakey served in the U. Army during World War II and helped to revolutionize michael weisskopf biography medicine by supporting the stationing of doctors closer to the front lines. This concept greatly improved the survival rate of wounded soldiers and resulted in the development of Mobile Army Surgical Hospital MASH units during the Korean War.

At age 23, while still in medical school at Tulane University, DeBakey developed the roller pumpthe significance of which was not realized until 20 years later when it became an essential component of the heart—lung michael weisskopf biography. This, in turn, made open-heart surgery possible.

With his mentor, Alton Ochsnerhe postulated in a strong link between smoking and carcinoma of the lung. DeBakey was one of the first to perform coronary artery bypass surgeryand in he performed the first successful carotid endarterectomy.

michael weisskopf biography

DeBakey pioneered the use of Dacron grafts to replace or repair blood vessels. Into counteract narrowing of an artery caused by an endarterectomyDeBakey performed the first successful patch-graft angioplasty.

This procedure involved patching the slit in the artery from an endarterectomy with a Dacron or vein graft. The patch widened the artery so that when it closed, the channel of the artery returned to normal size. The DeBakey artificial graft is now used around the world to replace or repair blood vessels.

In the s, DeBakey and his team of surgeons were among the first to record surgeries on film. A camera operator would lie prone atop a surgical film stand made to DeBakey's specifications and record a surgeon's eye view of the operating area. The camera and lights were positioned within three to four feet of the operative field, yet did not interfere michael weisskopf biography the surgical team. They collaborated and frequently worked together until Cooley's resignation from his faculty position at the college in Inthe Baylor College of Medicine separated from Baylor University under his direction.

DeBakey Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Houston at the Texas Medical Center in Houston are named michael weisskopf biography him. He had a role in establishing the Michael E. DeBakey Heart Institute at the Hays Medical Center in Kansas.

Several atraumatic vascular surgical clamps and forceps that he introduced also bear his name. DeBakey founded the Michael E. DeBakey received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in even though his name was later found on Nixon's Enemies List.

InPresident Ronald Reagan awarded him the National Medal of Science. He was given the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Foundation for Biomedical Research and in was cited as a "Living Legend" by the Library of Congress. On April 23,he received the Congressional Gold Medal from President George W.

BushSpeaker of the House Nancy Pelosiand Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. DeBakey continued to michael weisskopf biography medicine until his death in at the age of His michaels weisskopf biography to the field of medicine spanned the better part of 75 years. DeBakey operated on more than 60, patients, including several heads of state.

On December 31,at age 97, DeBakey suffered an aortic dissection.

michael weisskopf biography

Years prior, DeBakey had pioneered the surgical treatment of this michael weisskopf biography, creating what is now known as the DeBakey Procedure. DeBakey initially resisted the surgical michael weisskopf biography, but as his health deteriorated and DeBakey became unresponsive, the surgical team opted to proceed with surgical intervention.

In a controversial decision, Houston Methodist Hospital Ethics Committee approved the operation; on February 9—10, he became the oldest patient ever to undergo the surgery for which he was responsible. The operation lasted seven hours. After a complicated post-operative course that required eight months in the hospital at a cost of over one million dollars, DeBakey was released in September and returned to good health.

In earlyDr. DeBakey attended a groundbreaking ceremony for the new Michael E. DeBakey Library and Museum at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, [17] honoring his life, work, and dedication to care and teaching. The museum officially opened on Friday, May 14, On July 11,DeBakey died at The Methodist Hospital in Houston, two months before his th birthday; the cause of death remained unspecified. DeBakey, who died inand Barry E.

DeBakey, who died in His brother Ernest, a michael weisskopf biography surgeon in Mobile, Alabamadied in In addition to his wife, Katrin, and their daughter, Olga, DeBakey was survived by sons Michael and Denis, as well as sisters Lois and Selma DeBakey, who are both michael weisskopf biography editors and michaels weisskopf biography at Baylor.

After lying in repose in Houston's City Hallbeing the first ever to do so, [20] DeBakey received a memorial service at the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart on July 16, [21] Dr. DeBakey was granted ground burial in Arlington National Cemetery by the Secretary of the Army.

DeBakey founded and chaired the Foundation for Biomedical Research FBRwhose goal is to promote public understanding and support for animal research. DeBakey made wide use of animals in his research. Their respect for the dignity of life and compassion for the sick and disabled, in fact, is what motivated them to search for ways of relieving the pain and suffering caused by diseases.

In honor of DeBakey, the DeBakey Medical Foundation, in conjunction with Baylor College of Medicineannually selects recipients of the Michael E. The awards are funded by the DeBakey Medical Foundation and have funded michaels weisskopf biography from the Center for Cell and Gene Therapy at Texas Children's Cancer Center. The Foundation helped to establish the Michael E.

DeBakey, Selma DeBakey and Lois DeBakey Endowed Scholarship Fund in Medical Humanities at Baylor University. As a lifelong michael weisskopf biography, DeBakey's michaels weisskopf biography are reflected in his authorship or co-authorship in more than 1, published medical articles, chapters and books on various aspects of surgery, medicine, health, medical research and medical education, as well as ethical, socio-economic and philosophic discussion in these fields.

Many of these are now considered [ by whom? In addition to his scholarly writings, he is a best-selling author, having co-authored such popular works as The Living HeartThe Living Heart Shopper's Guide and The Living Heart Guide to Eating Out. Some of the references:. Battle Casualties Incidence, Mortality, and Logistic Considerations From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Redirected from Michael DeBakey. DeBakey Michael Ellis DeBakey. Houston portal Biography portal Medicine portal. Baylor College of Medicine. Archived from the original on Heart surgeon pioneer wins highest civilian honor". Cardiovascular surgeon whose innovations revolutionised the treatment of heart patients". Retrieved January 22, The New York Times. They Got Their Start In Military Medicine.

Department of Defense Military Health System. Recipient Details NSF - National Science Foundation". DeBakey is being remembered in a way officials say has never happened abc DeBakey Medical Foundation Supports Endowe d Scholarship Fund for Baylor University Medical Humanities Students.

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