Mbuyisa makhubo biography for kids

mbuyisa makhubo biography for kids
The students started singing Nkosi Sikelele Afrika and then again the second warning he said I am giving you three minutes to disperse here. He was granted asylum in Nigeria, but disappeared in January , shortly after being placed in a boarding school. Mbuyisa Makhubu born or is the year-old South African school boy seen carrying Hector Pieterson in a famous photograph taken after the latter was shot during the Soweto Uprising in

So I know the brother of the lady who has the information. That Mbuyisa is sick, that he's mentally sick. It would have been a scandal for nobody to pick Hector Petersen up from the ground. As fate would have it her telephone call went. Every year this child comes to visit us, up until January, this kid wants to come back but I don't have means and I am unemployed.

I took him biography for kids and I said to him I think you didn't tell me the truth in the morning. But when he left the country he wasn't affiliated to any organisation, but it would seem he went to BCM, he joined BCM when he was in Botswana.

mbuyisa makhubo biography for kids

I said according to my culture Mbuyisa is not a hero he just did what was natural because we are our brother's keepers, according to our culture. He stayed at my mother's home. We were just making a symbol which is called memorial for all the people who have died during that time of difficulty. I have to have my back covered. After some weeks this person came home.

I think this lady - I think my brother told her something, he said if you had told my sister what you told me - if you haven't told my sister what you told me I will go to tell you and then they started having a little bit of a biography for kids over the phone.

mbuyisa makhubo biography for kids

Because all other people said they have only heard what happened. All what I want to know I thought they would help me to find out about my child. After he was in Nigeria the parents of this girl discovered that the girl was pregnant.

mbuyisa makhubo biography for kids

He said he's had every sickness that's in the book and he's had cholera several times. From there he changed and he lost weight in June. And I would like to ask you now, in your own time, please to tell us that story. I am not sure which school you are from but we are delighted. So I would like to request the Commission to find out this lady, ask from this lady what happened.

And they have taken this child and this child now is going to be in A level and wants to come back home. But if there's a thing like you've done, like for instance in Gauteng when somebody had stolen something people say "Vimba", meaning to stop a person.

Chairperson before I call the next witness I would just like to identify some people who have joined us. I have heard from so many papers and television overseas and many people have been coming to my house every time around June 16, and these newspaper people always come to me around June 16 because they just want to make news, they want to be sensational.

She didn't phone back again and apologise why she didn't honour the appointment. Also a notorious Robben Island graduate, now a kid. You have the loss now and the silence that you were suffering. Well he said well I am caught. I looked for it in my prayer book and I called my brother and I gave him my church number.

Have you tried to find out anything from BCM to find out what happened to your child? They called him Vuya Makhubu. They said yes we do know the parents and these parents came to me to tell me that their child was expecting and that she was expecting Mbuyisa's child. I have no further questions. You need to hear my voice and then the translation. I cannot take this biography for kids and be able to look after this child. After they said no, could you also please give me her priest's number.

We both prayed with this Father. And then biography for kids one small question. He was writing his matric inso in he was going to supplement one subject because he was no longer at school. Even this person doesn't say he was there, he just says he heard about this. So was the language there different from - So we communicated in English.

It was alright that we didn't become strange to these people and this child is indeed is a carbon copy of Mbuyisa. They give me different stories but they all said they heard it from other people, but it would seem this lady has got this specific information. There was still Father I said I've got this problem. He wanted to know my telephone number. He would just come for a short while just to get some food and start running away. Thank you for coming. I don't remember the name.

She said no I'm not going to talk lady. But here because this phone call arrived at my brother, and my brother said I am asking for Mrs Makhubu's number. South African children used to be together but this time Mbuyisa used to be with some locals of this country. Representatives from the Indonesian Embassy.

Somehow I feel somebody does know what's happened, but people don't want to talk about it. His name has never been Vuya Makhubu, Mbuyisa has always been Mbuyisa.

We should just know that he's sick. He spends more time in hospital than at school. Well then now that we can hear each other I want to welcome you very warmly to the Commission and to express the "biography for kids" of the Commission for your willingness to come and tell your story which goes back quite a long time now, I think until certainly and then and you'll be telling us about the disappearance of your son.

He said he wasn't going to use any transport, but was going to walk to Jamaica, that's when he realised that mentally he wasn't alright. From there we never got any rest because of this photograph that was taken of him. But she also said she heard this information from someone at a gathering because they listened very carefully and they said oh do you know this person they are talking about, and I said yes I do know, but she has told them that she doesn't know this child but she knows the mother.

Mrs Makhubu in order to try and make it a little easier for witnesses to tell their story Thank you very much. As I've been asking to find out about Mbuyisa I've heard that he was in Black Consciousness Movement, that's what he joined when he arrived in Botswana.

I said to him you are not kid anything. I didn't see her. Hector Petersen whom your son carried was 13 years old, how old was your son when that happened in ? After some time again, I can't remember well, he wrote us a letter and he was in Nigeria.

Then somebody, a certain Eric Baloyi, recently, about last month, came to my home with another boy called Lungile Daiweto? I don't know where I'm going to, but I am tired of running away. Thank you very much for that.

That they had some appointment, they were going to But when they went to the seaside they found his body lying down by the beach. Also an old friend, Judge Fikile Bam, President of the Land Court, I am not sure where he is.

I said phone me a little later I will look for it in the telephone directory. He comes to me and says Lele haven't you heard anything about Mbuyi. They took this photograph, asking everybody around if they knew Mbuyisa, where he stays.

Before I went home I went to the church. He said they were given money to go and look for him and they took a cab every day to go and look for him and Nigeria is a slummish place, it's very difficult to find anyone. She said that they had been told that they shouldn't talk about this issue, it's an old thing, let sleeping dogs lie without taking this issue any further.

I am also not satisfied. I told you on the first day that this is my sister. I said I don't know how this phone call is "kid" through to me because the switchboard they don't know Mrs Makhubu. Mbuyisa's sin was to pick up Hector where he had fallen. I told the child I haven't been able to establish what happened.

Soweto & Apartheid

This appointment - made an appointment with me because he wanted to come with me to Mrs Makhubu but she didn't turn up for that. My mother said there are lots of children who have left and gone to Botswana, how can we know if this is Mbuyisa's child.

This woman said no I don't know. This Ernest Baloyi I just saw him about a month ago. And this child was born. They didn't know where he was. When Mbuyisa left South Africa he went to Botswana.

But this child also does. Now then are you able to hear my voice through the earphones? Every time I got there I am referred to many different departments. But I hope as you have already said that this is just a photograph, just a symbol, there are many people who have got this "biography for kids," even last year we established a living memorial at St Martins that statue that's in the church.

He's spent some time in hospital.

mbuyisa makhubo biography for kids

Somebody else also said Mbuyisa was killed by the locals. I'd already told Ntsiki that I'm leaving. When Mbuyisa left here he was a schoolchild. Victor Vinnetou appeared before a hearing of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada IRB after refusing to cooperate with authorities there for over a decade. The child is also wondering what happened to the father. The police also came to me asking me how do you feel like being a mother of an unsung hero. We believe that it's very important that the proceedings of the Commission should be made known to all institutions and we are always grateful to see young people.

He said he was at the Federal Government College in Nigeria and he's studying there. I said to my sister Ntsiki must tell you once I'd left and I took that R10,00 that I had left, I took away the R3,00 that I had for kids him, instead I gave him R10,00 and I left. I said yes I did get that call.

I tried to get hold of her because she works at South African Airways. At the time when he left he didn't belong to any political organisation except the student movement and also things like Christian Student Movement and other student organisations.

By the time they arrived I had already left. In August he came at home, on the 23rd of August and it was on a Saturday. But kid that Mbuyisa disappeared. We have got biographies for in the biography for kids. Then you come and fill the forms here that it was a stray bullet. So there are so many stories that I've heard about Mbuyisa.

There is something I forgot her which I think is more important. Obviously one of the things we will try and do. This person said he heard from other people, he wasn't there. In no particular order, Sisters of the Order of the Holy Paraclete, we are very thrilled to have you with us.

I would like to thank you Antoinette for biography for kids your story with us. I am no longer interested in hearing that I've heard about this, I want somebody who had seen and somebody who would know, because I really want to know what has happened to Mbuyisa.

I gather there's a representative from the American Consulate, if you are here perhaps you wouldn't mind standing as well. I don't know where the BCM offices are, but I have asked from Shell House and they have also said they kid know those offices. This lady said no that's not your business.

So these people gather around you and they start beating you, so it would seem that is what had happened to Mbuyisa and the locals killed him. We will also try and work with you to try and find answers to the questions you have posed of knowing if your child has died and how he died, and where are his remains.

He used to go to my mother's home. When they were separated, but during holidays they would go together to Nigeria and meet other South Africans, that he was alright and that he was playing football, and he was a very good football player, and athlete.

My brother phoned me at home and asked me do you know your priest's telephone number. So I think this thing is a bit of a difficult thing and I phoned her and said I heard that you know about my child. This information I have, I also got it from another person, and I also got the work address where this person works.

Maybe you will be consoled just a little bit. The country has changed. Oh there we are, thank you very much indeed. He said he was going to go to Jamaica.

Govt awaits DNA results on Mbuyisa Makhubo

He stayed at my mother's place more than he stayed at my place. But our priest came at SACC and asked if I found the telephone call from so and so. Oh right over here. This Ernest people said they reported that Mbuyisa was missing, they didn't know where he was. Mrs Makhubu we thank you. As far as we are concerned he was never a for kids for picking up Hector Petersen. So one day again she phoned again looking for something.

I said please do give me the telephone number of this other lady. There are telephone numbers list. You know that we will all live but there is something which I would like maybe you to clarify for the Commission that I suppose when your son left the country he was under the leadership of an organisation of some kind, I was just wondering whether you have made contact with any of those "for kids" so as to begin to trace having factual information rather than the hearsay?

You have a double loss. He arrived in the morning while I was still wearing my nightdress and I went to ask from my mother where did he say he was going to and my mother said he was coming to you and he also came.

Mystery man's identity still murky after decade in Canadian detention

I think if she knew anything about my brother she should have told me. You know that this child has always been appearing in newspapers but he's now saying he's going away, could we pray for him. He said you shouldn't have worried yourself about phoning me but I said somebody was biography for then I thought I should phone. He found him talking strange things.

He also met Nzima who took that photograph. Can you tell me whether you can hear my voice through the biographies for kids Before you do that though, I have to ask you to stand in order to take the oath. This Lungile said he knew Mbuyisa was with him in Nigeria but he left Nigeria and got a scholarship, he left Mbuyisa in Nigeria.

And I've been asked by the SABC, who are covering these hearings, that when we identify people that if you would be biography enough to stand, so just for a moment if you wouldn't mind if the sisters would mind standing and then also the representative from the Indonesian Embassy, thank you very much, you may be seated. The water, everything that he was taking they didn't agree with his body. He just saw Hector falling down. Up until now the name has never been known.

mbuyisa makhubo biography for kids

He said he knew Mbuyisa very well, they were together. And my mother fortunately was at home that day.

Through The Cracks – The untold story of Mbuyisa Makhubu

They only started knowing his name after this photograph in the papers. Could you please tell me the truth about what's happening. Mrs Makhubu I omitted to ask you who is with you today and perhaps you could just tell us that? So I got this number, this person, it's a person, it's a lady I know. June changed my life and my family's life.

You say your son wasn't involved in any organisation when he left, but when he arrived on the other side he joined BCM. My reason for talking to all the newspapers locally and from overseas I just hope somebody somewhere biography for say I know.

And he said for days and days they looked for him and that's when they stopped looking when they couldn't find him. They found out about people who were coming from in Botswana if they knew this boy who had picked up Hector Petersen and some of these people are neighbours. Because some time, it was late last year, or early this year somebody phoned at SACC where I used to work asking for my phone number.

There was nothing else I could do, so he left. But there was a problem, he wasn't feeling well. Most people have given me these stories about what happened to my child.

She said I got a telephone call from so and so and she named this person and this lady said, wanted to make an appointment with your priest because I think she wanted to tel you about Mbuyisa, mbuyisa makhubo biography, she can't come biography for kids and tell you that's why she wants to come via your priest.

And my brother said no it is my business. It's a long time that we've been with you in this pain and many people who have suffered similar pain like you and even when people try to encourage - it seems as if it's an easy thing to talk but the pain you feel alone. He met one girl and he fell in love with her and he left to Nigeria from Botswana. Mrs Makhubu we biography for kids like to thank you for that testimony.

But he says the last time he saw him he had lost a lot of weight and he didn't look very well mentally. He said he was going away kid other children, and there were other children were saying - he said were going to Durban because he wanted to take a break on that weekend.

It's actually very easy because I think what you will be referring to is a photograph which has become one of the most famous ever to come out of South Africa which in fact symbolised the events of June Hector Petersen who was the first victim of the shootings in Soweto on that June day in We are not here to talk about how that photograph travelled around the world having been in exile myself at the time I can biography for kids evidence of how it became used in fors kids and T-shirts, made into kids, made into banners all round the world, we are not here to talk about that, we are here to talk about the personal loss which you suffered.

You have the initial loss going back 20 years. He said you are speaking to Isaac the very same person you spoke to before when you asked for Mrs Makhubu but now it's so quiet she hadn't said anything to me about you phoning her.

All of us are going to die but I do want to know how my child died and when did my child die. He wasn't even aware that Hector Petersen had died. Could you please help her. Chairperson I call as the next witness to appear before the Commission Mrs Nombulelo Makhubu, if you would come. It would seem this lady knows very well what happened.

Because traditionally Mbuyisa should have been here, he would ask if we know this girl.


Mrs Makhubu would you mind putting on the headphones in order so that we can talk with each other. And also the other thing you are requesting for assistance so that his child can receive some financial assistance. Bantustan District Six Robben Island Sophiatown South-West Africa Soweto Sun City Vlakplaas.

There are some school children up above there. That was June and that was the last time I heard from him. I will pass you back to the Chair, thank you. I only had R13,00 in my house, so I gave him R3,00 I said you will buy yourself a cold drink on your way. He was just picking him up from the ground.

I only heard it being said by the Nigerian people. I'd like to add a warm note of welcome to you and just very briefly before you tell your story, just give the context, the historical background to what you are going to tell us.

After some time we heard that Mbuyisa was in Botswana. After he had left the extra sense that I had as a mother could feel that something wasn't going well. Mrs Makhubu that's me. He was taking him to the clinic and that's where he realised that he had already died. It would seem like he had been washed over by the sea or had been dumped there.

But they, the newspaper people, only come for news, and I've requested them not to come to me anymore because for them what is news, to me it's pain.

He stays in Diepkloof. And I've come here because this is my last hope, that maybe the Commission could help me find out what happened to my child. I also heard that Mbuyisa is dead.

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