L.ron hubbard biography

l.ron hubbard biography

From where did we come and what is our destiny? L. Ron Hubbard in his many endeavors. A most comprehensive overview of L. Ron Hubbard and his life. L. Ron Hubbard (–86), Scientology ’s founder, spoke of the experience of “exteriorization,” the separation of individual consciousness from the body. UFO groups and Scientology

Imagine biography else getting away with no product for that long?

l.ron hubbard biography

And being paid handsomely to boot…. He would have to omit so many things from the book to satisfy the condition that there be nothing negative included about Hubbard ibography it would be a running joke.

l.ron hubbard biography

A very cursory list of things that would have to be omitted includes: The reality of his marriage to Polly and the two children from that marriage who have been written out of history Katie and Nibs. Sara is even airbrushed out of biographies the church often uses of Hubbard.

The real story of Jack Parsons. The final years of his life. If you have not read it you may be surprised at the depth of documentation and the interviews with people who knew and interacted with Hubbard throughout his life.

l.ron hubbard biography

It is not a biography in any normal sense of the word, not even a hagiography. So, L.rln stays around being paid handsomely, refusing to join the Sea Org, but living at the Gold Base, and he performs two functions:

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