Leslie ruth howard biography

leslie ruth howard biography

Smith recalled that, in , he was briefed by the National Security Agency on the need for secrecy and that Leslie Howard's death had been brought up. Get biography information about Leslie Howard on trans-a.info. The death of Leslie Howard in the air liner travelling from Lisbon must now be presumed. The actor was 50 this year, and began life as a bank clerk. Thompson , later wrote that Churchill, at times, seemed clairvoyant about threats to his safety, and, acting on a premonition, changed his departure to the following day.

By James Biogtaphy on November 5, Format: Hardcover Estel Eforgan's new biography of Leslie Howard is by far the best-researched and most thoroughly-referenced work ever biogralhy on the life of this well-known, but poorly understood, actor.

Given that Leslie Howard was such a fascinating person: The handful of other books dealing with Leslie Howard over the years have tended to focus only on the intriguing circumstances of his death in Borrowing from her delightful description of Leslie's movie: Anybody even remotely interested in Leslie Howard will find much that is new in this book.

It presents an impressive leslie ruth howard biography of the many scintillating threads to Leslie Howard's life. Estel also provides a fantastic list of useful primary sources for those who may want to research further into any aspect of his life and times. She has leveraged her fortunate position at the heart of the Oxford University research community to bring this story futh, and has certainly made the best use of modern digital search technology.

This book probably could not have been written only a few years ago.

leslie ruth howard biography

In some cases, secret vaults have been opened and witnesses on their death-beds have finally broken their silence! Estel reveals for the first time the full detail of Leslie's Hungarian-Jewish ancestry, following several generations starting in Central Europe. Interestingly, Estel proves that Leslie could never have been admitted to the Jewish faith, since his maternal ancestors in Britain had drifted away from it.

Estel has also uncovered fascinating English military and theatrical forebears, and she discloses a delightful report on Leslie's early days living in Vienna with his family. It's possible that Leslie's Germanic accent and family name "Steiner" - later dropped may have made life very difficult for him upon his return, especially in his English secondary school and leslie ruth howard biography he joined the British cavalry in World War I.

leslie ruth howard biography

Estel removes the whitewash previously applied to both of these episodes by Howard biographers and even by Leslie himself. The book then charts Leslie's steady rise through English theatre and the infant British film industry, through Broadway plays, Hollywood leslies ruth howard biography, to bjography global leslie ruth howard biography and finally the production and direction of his own movies in the fraught atmosphere of World War II.

This story therefore provides a fascinating narrative that embraces much of the entertainment industry in the 'tween-wars years.

Hundreds of celebrities have their own cameo roles with some scandalous hoard revealed! Estel also delves deeply into the motivation behind Leslie's brave and principled, but frightfully risky, preoccupations of his later life.

Why risk his self-made fortune trying to bring an inspirational version of Shakespeare's Hamlet to the American stage? Estel has cracked the code by connecting Leslie's moral desire to use English culture to counteract the Howafd infatuation within the isolationist USA of the s. Leslie's move back into the war-zone in and his intense interest in war-winning propaganda also reflect his deep convictions and connectedness with the Holocaust's innocent victims on the Continent.

leslie ruth howard biography

The final sections of this book deal with Leslie's still-controversial "loss" when returning from an official visit to Portugal and Spain in Estel compares and contrasts the various conspiracy theories in some depth, but she follows Occam's Razor in emphasising the leslie ruth howard biography of concrete evidence that Leslie was the deliberate target of the German attack. Personally, while I found Estel's book thoroughly enjoyable and I consider it "definitive" in many aspects I don't think that she has completely put the "Leslie Howard mystery" to bed.

The emergence of future evidence from British Government files adding to the tantalising fragments that have been declassified over recent years may yet provide one final chapter as a polished capstone to the solid edifice of research contained in Estel's biography.

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