Knox martin biography

knox martin biography

Celebrated Abstractionist Brings Muscular Vision to Tequesta, Palm Beach Post, November 14 West Side Mural Refreshed, Art in America, July Arthur Danto, Adventures in Pictorial Reason J. Born in in Barranquilla, Colombia, Knox Martin is one of the 20th Centuries most intriguing Pop Artists, bringing Abstract Expressionism to a whole new lev. Read the biography of Knox Martin. Discover interesting facts about Knox Martin on artnet. This delicate balance was disturbed when a new batch of refugees arrived that included Richard Cox , one of the principal authors of the Book of Common Prayer.

Lessons on the Art of Seeing New York: Sterling — Julia Montepagani, A Call viography a Giant Cause, Lines from the League Winter Knox Martin — Woman: Black and White Paintings, Post Road Magazine 21 Photo, Knox Martin with a cartoon for the Whaling Wall Mural Project, Linea: Journal of the Art Students League of New York, Vol.

Knox Martin at Woodward Gallery, The Village Voice, October 20 Valerie Gladstone, Knox Martin: Catalogue Raisonne New York: Museum of Modern Art Michele Cohen, Stan Ries, and Michael Bloomberg, Public Art for Public Schools New York: The Monacelli Press Knox Martin, Aesthetics is Ethics Linea: Mendelsohn, Varia, Janos Gat Gallery, Art Review, February Marshall N.

Price, The Abstract Impulse: Fifty Years of Abstraction at the National Academy, New York: Selections from the Journals of Philip Pavia, Midmarch Arts Press Rob Amory and Richard Brilliant, Rob Amory: An On-The-Spot History Hard Press Editions Ira Goldberg, Killing of Whales, Linea: Circulo de Bellas Artes Edward Leffingwell, Knox Martin at Janos Gat, Art in America, October Julio Congora, Knox Martin: Black and White A History of Bayview, DOCS TODAY, November Marika Herskovic, ed.

Artists Choice by Artists: A Complete Martim of the New York Painting and Sculpture Annuals; New Jersey: New York School Press Knox Martin, Elias Goldberg, Elias Goldberg exh. Janos Gat Gallery Gary Schwan, Brawny Brush Strokes: Celebrated Abstractionist Brings Muscular Vision to Tequesta, Palm Beach Post, November 14 West Side Mural Refreshed, Art in America, July Arthur Danto, Adventures in Pictorial Reason J.

Bowyer Bell, Knox Martin: The Critical State of Visual Art in New York, December 15 Jonathan Goodman, Knox Martin at Janos Gat, Art in America, December Knox Martin, Canticle of the Exhibition Called The Glory of Byzantium, Linea: The Newsletter of the Art Students League of New York 1: The Critical State of Visual Art in New York June 1 Grace Glueck, Knox Martin "Early Work", New York Times, May 23 Edith Newhall, On View: Silent Partner, New York, April 21 Knox Martin, Who's Who in American Art New Providence: Marquis Who's Who Marilyn Kushner, Knox Martin: Janos Gat Gallery, Stern, Thomas Mellins, David Mwrtin, New York New York: The Monacelli Press, Inc.

Creation as Woman exh.

knox martin biography

Knox Martin, The Quick, in Knox Martin: The Art Students League of New York Walter Hopps, Robert Rauschenberg: The Early s Houston: The Menil Collection, Houston Fine Art Press Jonathan Phillips, Ginnie Gardiner, Color as Subject: Houghton Mifflin Company Stephen Shames, Photograph, People Magazine, November 15 John Wayne Lives Knox Martin -The Farcical Comedies of Knox Martin, Artspeak, February Phyllis Riffel, River Gallery Exhibit a Sunburst of Color, Gannett Westchester Newspapers, November 21 Vivien Raynor, Knox Martin: Angry But More Human, New York Times, November 9 Lawrence Campbell, Knox Martin Mural at Neiman-Marcus Store, Art Students League News, November Steve Lohr, Neiman-Marcus Testing Northeast, The New York Times September 4, Randy Fordyce, Knox Martin in the Spotlight, Not Just Jazz: The Uncommon Denominator 1: Ingber Gallery Ellen Schwartz, Knox Martin, Biobraphy 77, April ill Dunbar, Knox Martin: Unacclaimed Rare Breed, The Villager, March 2 I Feel Affection for All msrtin Them, New York Post, February 11 Robert Thomas, Knox Martin, exh.

Baldwin, Notes on an Awning, ARTnews 74, October Dorothy Wood, Famed Artist Makes His Mark in Wichita Art as Part of Life, Wichita Eagle and Beacon, February 23 Peter Frank, Knox Martin, ARTnews 73, October Kathryn Rose, The Chamber of Bargains, New York Post, October 2 Tony Caluacca, Photograph, New York Post, October 2 Roberta J. Olson, Knox Martin at Ingber, Arts 49 September Noel Frackman, Knox Martin at Bonino Gallery, Arts 49, September Ada Louise Huxtable, Construction in the Capital, The New York Times, June 9 Ada Louise Huxtable, A Few Signs of Spring and Other Good News, The New York Times, May 12 Rose Hartman, In and Around, Soho Weekly News, November 21 Yolanda Maurer, Massive Mural is Traffic Stopper, Ft.

Lauderdale News, March 21 Up in the Air: Artist Enjoys Hot-Air Balloon, Grand Bioggraphy Herald Review P. Hooker, Knox Martin Now a Famous Artist in New York City, Salem Times Register, November 30 Gerrit Henry, New York, Art International 16, May Rosalind Browne, Knox Martin, ARTnews 71, April George Parrino, Knox Martin -The Daedalean Works, Arts 46, March Peter Busa, The Works of Knox Martin, January 30 H. Wilke, Photograph, Chelsea Clinton News, September 23 John Canaday, A Mighty Big Hair of the Dog, New York Times, September 12 Harold Rosenberg, Artworks and Packages New York: Horizon Press Scott Burton, Knox Martin, ARTnews 65, November Dore Ashton, Concrete Expressionist at NYU, StudioBiogralhy George Stiles, Knox Martin, Arts 39, April Expressionism with Corners: Five Younger Artists Show at New York University, ARTnews 64, April Irving H.

Sandler, Concrete Expressionism, exh.

knox martin biography

New York University Jill Johnston, Knox Martin, ARTnews 63, February Julio Congora, Knox Martin- Picture Portfolio, Kulcher 18, February Marshall Matusow, The Art Collector's Almanac No. Art Collector's Almanac, Inc. Santa Barbara Museum of Art Dore Ashton, No Post -Painterly Painting, StudioJuly Michael Benedikt, Knox Martin, ARTnews 63, May C.

OBM - Painter - Knox Martin (born 1923)

Roberts, New York, Aujourd'hui 7, May Donald Judd, Knox Martin, Arts 37, April Cathy S. Silver, Knox Martin, ARTnews 62, March Lawrence Campbell, Knox Martin, ARTnews bioography Summer John Ashbery, Knox Martin, ARTnews 56, November Dore Ashton, Some Bikgraphy Exhibitions, New York Times, October 11 S.

knox martin biography

Munson, Knox Martin, ARTnews 53, October Exhibition Review, Herald Tribune Book Review, September 19 V. Digest 28, September 15, Stuart Preston, Knox Martin Impresses in First One- Man Show, New Knkx Times September 6 Manuscripts: Kenneth Simpson, The Art of Knox Martin. Knox Martin, Interview, conducted by Melissa De Medeiros Melissa De Medeiros, Knox Martin Paints a Picture Marilyn Kushner, Conversations martin biography Knox Martin Gerrit Henry, 25 Years of Works on Paper

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