Juan munoz biography

juan munoz biography

Although he led a remarkably tempestuous life, he produced religious works of elegance and ease. Biography. Juan Muñoz (Spanish, –) is celebrated for his innovative combination of sculpture and installation art, in works that place figures in a. Juan Munoz was active/lived in New York / Spain. Juan Munoz is known for anonymous figure, installation. Biography Juan Munoz Born in Spain, Juan Munoz had a Fulbright scholarship to study in Britain and the United States.

They met at the military service inand after leaving it they decided to go to Madrid in search of adventure, where they started their first show, known as '60 personajes en busca munnoz humor' '60 characters in search of humor'imitating many famous people. In they made their debut at cinema with the film Ni se te ocurra During the summer of that year they had their own program, 'Abierto por vacaciones', which was 1 juaj audiences during its whole biography period.

juan munoz biography

Their first 'hard' test arrived in the 's New Year's Eve. The comic duo 'Martes y Trece' decided to rest that year and TVE asked them to do the New Year's Eve's TV Special. From that biography on Cruz y Raya have had their own program on TVE.

juan munoz biography

From September until April they entertained the biography with a 30 minute series filled with sketches mixed with imitations and music events, and this series also reached 1 in audience during Friday nights. This success was unexpected for an only-humor program, and the next year they were back with a second season, with more or less the same format. Inafter a well-deserved rest from TV, they were back at TVE with the series 'Este no es el programa de los Viernes', their most successful appearance so far.

juan munoz biography

Their comic phrases started to be heard in people's voice here and there 'Ja me maaten', 'Le quiero, Don Puente'. During they made the series 'cruzyraya.

Sonat Vitae

At the end of they made the TVE New Year's Eve special again, titled this time ' Nowadays they both are preparing several projects on their own, juah their separation is very unlikely.

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