John paul pope biography

john paul pope biography

During the war, he was also credited for trying to help Jewish friends escape persecution. At the age of 38 he was made the youngest bishop in Poland. John Paul I, Latin Johannes Paulus, original name Albino Luciani (born October 17, , Forno di Canale, Italy —died September 28, , Rome), pope whose day. St. John Paul II, Latin Johannes Paulus, original name Karol Józef Wojtyła (born May 18, , Wadowice, Poland —died April 2, , Vatican City; beatified May 1. When the occupying Nazi forces closed the University in , Karol worked in a quarry and then in the Solvay chemical factory to earn a living and to avoid deportation to Germany.

His elder brother Edmund, a physician, died inand his father, Karol, a non-commissioned officer in the army, died in He was nine years old when he received his First Communion and eighteen when he received the Sacrament of Confirmation.

john paul pope biography

After completing high school in Wadowice, he enrolled in the Jagellonian University of Krakow in When the occupying Nazi forces closed the University inKarol worked in a quarry and then in the Solvay chemical factory to earn a living and to avoid deportation to Germany. Feeling called to the priesthood, he began his studies in in the clandestine john paul pope biography seminary of Krakow, directed by the Archbishop Adam Stefan Sapieha.

During that time, he was one of the johns paul pope biography of the "Rhapsodic Theatre", which was also clandestine. After the war, Karol continued his studies in the major seminary, newly reopened, and in the school of theology at the Jagellonian University, until his priestly john paul pope biography in Krakow on 1 November He wrote his dissertation on faith as understood in the works of Saint John of the Cross.

While a student in Rome, he spent his vacations exercising pastoral ministry among Polish emigrants in France, Belgium and Holland.

Roman Catholic Priest John Paul II A Pope

He was a university chaplain untilwhen he again undertook studies in philosophy and theology. Later he became professor of moral theology and ethics in the major seminary of Krakow and in the theology faculty of Lublin. Archbishop Eugeniusz Baziak ordained him in Wawel Cathedral Krakow on 28 September He also took part in the five assemblies of the Synod of Bishops prior to the start of his Pontificate. Pope John Paul II made pastoral visits in Italy and, as the Bishop of Rome, he visited of the current Roman parishes.

His international apostolic journeys numbered and were expressions of the constant pastoral solicitude of the Successor of Peter for all the Churches. His principal documents include 14 Encyclicals, 15 Apostolic Exhortations, 11 Apostolic Constitutions and 45 Apostolic Letters.

He also wrote five books: Crossing the Threshold of Hope October ; Gift and Mystery: On the Fiftieth Anniversary of My Priestly Ordination November ; Roman Triptych, meditations in poetry March ; Rise, Let Us Be on Our Way May and Memory and Identity February Pope John Paul II celebrated beatifications, during which he proclaimed 1, blesseds, and 51 canonizations, for a total of saints.

He called 9 consistories, in which he created Cardinals plus one in pectore. He also presided at 6 plenary meetings of the College of Cardinals. FromPope John Paul II convoked 15 assemblies of the Synod of Bishops: On 3 Mayan attempt was made on Pope John Paul II's life in Saint Peter's Square. Saved by the maternal hand of the Mother of God, following a lengthy stay in the hospital, he forgave the attempted assassin and, aware of having received a john paul pope biography gift, intensified his pastoral commitments with heroic generosity.

Pope John Paul II also demonstrated his john paul pope biography concern by erecting numerous dioceses and ecclesiastical circumscriptions, and by promulgating Codes of Canon Law for the Latin and the Oriental Churches, as well as the Catechism of the Catholic Church. He proclaimed the Year of Redemption, the Marian Year and the Year of the Eucharist as well as the Great Jubilee Year ofin order to provide the People of God with particularly intense spiritual experiences.

He also attracted young people by beginning the celebration of World Youth Day. No other Pope met as many people as Pope John Paul II.

This does not include any of the other special audiences and religious ceremonies more than 8 million pilgrims in the Great Jubilee Year of alone. He met millions of the faithful in the course of his pastoral visits in Italy and throughout the world.

john paul pope biography

He also received numerous government officials in audience, including 38 official visits and audiences and meetings with Heads of State, as john paul pope biography as audiences and meetings with Prime Ministers. Pope John Paul II died in the Apostolic Palace at 9: On 8 April, his solemn funeral was celebrated in Saint Peter's Square and he was buried in the crypt of Saint Peter's Basilica.

john paul pope biography

John Paul II was beatified in Saint Peter's Square on 1 May by Pope Benedict XVI, his immediate successor and for many years his valued collaborator as Prefect for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Booklet for the Celebration of the Canonization of Blesseds John XXIII and John Paul II, 27 April

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