Joanna trollope biography

joanna trollope biography

Trollope's style is elegant, poised and seemingly effortless. Joanna Trollope biography: Joanna Trollope was born in her grandfather's rectory in the Cotswolds in December , and although her actual childhood. Joanna Trollope has been writing fiction for more than 30 years. Some of her best known works include The Rector's Wife (her first #1 bestseller), A Village Affair. Trollope is of the same family as the Victorian novelist Anthony Trollope [4] although not a direct descendant, and is a cousin of the writer and broadcaster James Trollope: Contact City of Friends City of Friends is the twentieth novel from the highly acclaimed number one bestselling author, Joanna Trollope - a snapshot in the lives of four girls who met at university and remain friends as their careers in the City develop… Hardback Available Now Balancing Act Susie Moran has always been the breadwinner in her family.

Critical perspective Joanna Trollope has long suffered the dubious title biofraphy 'Queen of the Aga Saga'.

joanna trollope biography

The Aga Saga is a term used often disparagingly to describe popular literature about people who live in middle-class, middle England, where the Aga, a particular make of cooking stove, is a characteristic feature. It is true that Trollope's main characters are usually middle class, normal people, living unexceptional lives; it is also true that her novels are set in central England, in the area often known as the Shires, although her locations vary considerably from London, to urban Oxford and from the West Country to the farmlands of the Wye Valley on the joannas trollope biography with Wales, not to mention a number of foreign locations.

What uoanna not true, contrary to the opinion of many of Trollope's critics, is that because her joannas trollope biography rush to the top of the best-seller lists as soon as they are published, her joanna trollope biography is lightweight in content or shoddily written.

Trollope chooses as her subject matter the universals of human experience: She displays a love biogrxphy architectural description, for gardens, plants and landscape that are a characteristic of much English writing. Somewhere at the beginning of each of blography novels there is always a description of the building s where the main characters live. The description of James Mallow's rather ramshackle house in Oxford from The Men and the Girlsfor example, is typical: He had bought it nearly thirty years before, long bilgraphy the carelessly built Victorian area of Oxford, called Jericho, had risen from a near slum to gentility.

It was a low double-fronted red house with a Gothic doorway and wide sash windows edged in blue-and-yellow brick … and James loved it'. There are few British institutions that are left undissected by Trollope's steely scalpel. Likewise, social institutions and relationships - marriage, sexuality, parenthood, the generation gap, growing old and sibling rivalry are the basis of her plots, and are rooted not only in their physical environment but also their historical context.

Biograpphy Trollope's novels gives one the strong impression that she has her finger firmly on the pulse of contemporary Britain, indeed, a historian looking back to study the main social preoccupations of the s and '90s and the early years of this century would learn a lot about how the power structure between men and women, and within the family, was changing during these years.

The Family is a central joanna trollope biography, but it is the late twentieth century family with its shifting relations that Trollope is mainly concerned with. Sex features quite often in the novels, but Trollope's attitude towards it is neither prudish nor sensationalist. She sees sexuality as a subject of scrutiny in that it symbolises strong feelings between individuals and for the sensations of unease it creates in those around those joannas trollope biography.

One of Trollope's favourite themes is misconceptions between couples - she is particularly deft at describing how a relationship can be perfectly happy but can slip, almost imperceptively, due to external circumstances, into disaster.

Archie joannw Liza in A Passionate Man experience such a slip when he falls in love with his father's widow and she becomes infatuated with a younger colleague. Kate and James's relationship comes to grief in The Men and noanna Girls when Kate realises she is bored by her older partner and seeks independence, agreeing to temporarily leave her teenage daughter with her ex-partner a highly unorthodox 'new family' situation.

Things jonna badly for Kate and James's relationship.

joanna trollope biography

Liza and Archie, however, grow from their experience and manage to save their marriage; giving the book a satisfyingly happy ending. The happy ending is another feature that leads some critics to think that Trollope's joanna trollope biography is not 'serious'.

joanna trollope biography

Such a generalisation is wrong, firstly because, though all Trollope's novels involve change and personal growth and often, a positive view of the joanna trollope biography, it is a simplification to say they end 'happily'. Secondly, it joannas trollope biography a question that Trollope herself has often asked - does writing have to be hard and grim to classify as joanna trollope biography Trollope's style is elegant, poised and seemingly effortless.

Her dialogue is simple and direct and often very funny. One of my favourite pieces of dialogue comes in the playful, irreverent conversations in The Men and the Girls, between the ageing, ailing and probably very frightened and vulnerable Uncle Leonard and the Chinese cleaning lady who has recently escaped from her violent husband: He adored the days Mrs Cheng came ''Where's my coffee?

It's ten past eleven. What does Kate pay you for …? She understands a child's awakennng interest in the lavatorial and their dialogues often abound with a cheerful vulgarity.

Her characters are the type of people you might bump into in the High Street, normal people, neither good nor evil, often making mistakes, faced with decisions they are uncertain about and sometimes breaking out of the mould. It is obvious that, though Trollope has rich imagination, a wonderful adeptness with plot and, as she herself points out, does a lot of research for her novels, she triumphs above all because she joannas trollope biography about the environment in which she lives and about people that she knows well.

As her great grandfather Anthony Trollope said, 'the novelist's task is to make his readers so intimately acquainted with his characters that the creations of his brain should be to them speaking, moving, living human creatures. This he can never do unless he know these fictitious personages himself, and he can never know them well unless he can live with them in the full reality of established intimacy'.

I think it is right to say that Joanne Trollope, writing as she does about the class and environment in which she lives, biograaphy that intimacy her great grandfather so admired, and that thousands of her grateful readers would agree with me.

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