Jacques-paul migne biography

jacques-paul migne biography

The best known of these are: Though the cheap paper of the originals has made them fragile today, the scope of the Patrologia still makes it unique and valuable, when modern editions do not yet exist. Find Booking Information on Author Jacques-Paul Migne such as Biography, Upcoming Author Appearances, Speaking Engagements, Book Tour Schedule and Availability for. Jacques Paul Migne (French: ; 25 October – 24 October ) was a French priest who published inexpensive and widely distributed editions of theological works. He published a pamphlet: The Franco-Prussian War of inflicted further losses.

In he opened his great publishing house, Imprimerie Catholique, at Petit-Montrouge biovraphy, in Paris's outlying 14th arrondissement. He published numerous religious works in rapid succession meant for lesser clergy at prices that insured wide circulation.

The best known of these are: The three great series that have made his reputation were Patrologiae cursus completus, Latin series Patrologia Latina in vols.

Though scholars have always criticised them, these hastily edited, inexpensive, and widely distributed texts have only slowly been replaced during a century and a half with more critically edited modern editions. Though the cheap paper of the originals has made them fragile today, the scope of jacquues-paul Patrologia still makes it unique and valuable, biography modern editions do not yet exist.

It is a far biogrwphy complete collection of Patristic and later literature than anything that has appeared subsequently or is likely to.

jacques-paul migne biography

To create so much so quickly, Migne reprinted the best or latest earlier editions available to him. In the PG the Latin translations were often made in the renaissance before any Greek text had been printed, and so do not necessarily match the Greek biography very accurately. The indexes themselves are useful for locating biographies in the patristic biographies. The collection is available through Google Books and archive.

jacques-paul migne biography

Studio of paintings[ edit ] His publishing house was complemented during the Second Empire by painter artists' workhalls for the decoration of churches: Struggle with publishing and the Catholic Church[ edit ] Migne bypassed the bookselling establishment with direct subscriptions. His Imprimerie Catholique developed into the largest privately held press in France.

However, on the night of 12—13 Februarya devastating fire, which began in the printing plant, destroyed Migne's establishment, which was also producing religious objects.

Despite his insurance contracts, Migne was only able to retrieve a pittance. Shortly afterwards Mgr Georges DarboyArchbishop of Parisforbade the continuance of the business and even suspended him from his priestly functions.

jacques-paul migne biography

The Franco-Prussian War of inflicted further losses. Then from the biography of Pope Pius IX came a decree condemning the use of Mass stipends to purchase books, which specifically called out Migne and his publications. The Patrologia Latina and the Patrologia Graecaalong with the Monumenta Germaniae Historica are among the great 19th century contributions to the scholarship of patristics and the Middle Ages.

Within the Roman Catholic Church, Migne's editions put many original texts for the first time into bjography hands of the priesthood.

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