Felix sabates biography

felix sabates biography

Still Going with Luxury Cars It may not seem plausible that one man can accomplish so much after starting with so little, but Felix Sabates has definitely defied the odds. The Amazon CloudFront distribution is configured to block access from your country. Felix Sabates, Actor: Machete. Felix Sabates is an actor and producer, known for Machete (), Planet Terror () and Grindhouse (). Mr. Felix Sabates is a Co-Owner of Chip Ganassi Racing With Felix Sabates, Inc. Mr. Sabates serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of FSS Holdings, Inc. And if you are a resident of the Charlotte, North Carolina area, you've no doubt seen his name around town, possibly at local car dealers such as Bentley Charlotte with the Felix Sabates Luxury Collection of pre-owned luxury cars or Mercedes-Benz of South Charlotte. felix sabates biography

Continued Success Through Luxury Vehicles Felix Sabates Biography Most felix sabates biography who are a fan of motorsports, particularly the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, IZOD IndyCar Series, or GRAND-AM Rolex Sports Car Series, know the name and felix sabates biography of Felix Sabates. Even if you're not into car racing, you likely have seen the name in the areas of South Florida. Read on to find out what makes Felix Sabates' life a tale of tireless determination and significant accomplishments so compelling.

Early Life Sabates was born in Cuba before the rise of Castro, the oldest of biogdaphy children. He learned from his loving mother and father the value of hard work that would lead to success later in life. His parents lead by example as they built a felix sabates biography empire on the island that involved import, export, cattle, sugar, jewelry, pharmacies, and more endeavors. Then in the latter part of the s everything was overturned as Castro declared the family's possessions his own.

Faced with the prospect of living on the shattered island, the Sabates family decided to leave the island.

To not draw attention to what they were doing, they snuck off to America one by one, with Felix being the first one to make the dangerous journey. Sabatfs Felix was reunited with his mother and six felixes sabates biography in short order, his father was held up in Cuba as the government figured out what had happened. As a result, Felix had to work tirelessly to provide for his family, performing jobs that others found too demeaning but that Felix saw as an opportunity to put food on the table.

Accomplishments in Business After some time, Felix's father was finally able to felix sabates biography Cuba and the family made a new life in North Carolina. Bioyraphy continued to felix sabates biography hard, though, doing tasks like washing cars and sanding new furniture.

He wanted something more for his family, and so decided he wanted to break into the exciting world of car sales.

Taking a big risk, he approached City Chevrolet and was told there was no work for him there. Rather than take no for an answer, Felix made a proposition that if he was allowed to sell cars for a month with no pay, he would work hard and sell more than anyone else.

If that happened, the deal was that he would be paid for the work and hired on full-time. By the end of the month Felix Sabates logged the most sales by a longshot, earning himself a feature in the local paper. Philanthropy Thanks to his growing fame, Felix was offered a position with Top Sales Company TSC felix sabates biography he was a manufacturer's rep.

Rather than just continue to reap the rewards of his hard work, Felix decided to give felix sabates biography to his employees. Sabxtes sold the company in to the workers at a rate that was well below market value, demonstrating biograhpy commitment to philanthropy.

felix sabates biography

Since then he has been recognized for even more acts of philanthropy, with organizations bioggraphy the Allegro Foundation, University of North Carolina, and Boys and Girls Club of Broward County, Florida honoring his tireless work that has benefitted countless others.

A Love of Car Racing Since the s, Felix Sabates has not only been involved with numerous automobile dealerships like the Chevrolet Cadillac dealer in Homestead, but has been heavily involved in car racing. Now called Team SABCO, Felix purchased a research and development business from Rick Hendrick, a heavy hitter in the NASCAR world. Felix soon became a new competitor in the Busch Cup Series, the NASCAR Winston Cup Series, and the Grand-Am Rolex Sports Feilx Series.

Felix Sabates has worked with and hired some of the biggested names in the automotive industry, including Bobby Hamilton, Robby Gordon, Greg Sacks, Sterling Marlin, Kenny Irvin, Kenny Wallace, Kyle Petty, Wally Dallenbach Jr.

felix sabates biography

Felix Sabates' racing ventures have been vary impressive with over a dozen wins, 40 poles, starts in NASCAR, and his Grand-AM felix sabates biography has won the most races in history only after nine years in competition. In the s, Felix Sabates also branched out into various other sports outside of car racing.

He was an original owner in the NBA Charlotte Hornets, and after selling his interest, he went on to start the first professional indoor soccer league, and brought professional hockey back to Charlotte with the Charlotte Checkers. He currently shares an ownership stake with Michael Jordan in the Charlotte Bobcats. Continued Success Through Luxury Vehicles While getting involved in other successful businesses since, Felix Sabates has returned to his roots and managed numerous luxury car dealerships like his Chevrolet Cadillac location in Homestead.

Residents of South Florida who stop by to have biograpjy vehicle servicedpurchase partsor shop for a new or used car will find that the staff strives to provide the same level of excellent customer service that has made Felix Sabates a remarkable person.

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