Darden islami biography of rory

darden islami biography of rory
Second, militaries are especially crucial because they are best able to carry out full-bore urban annihilation strategies. England may have scored slowly on Friday as they attempted to grind towards the follow-on target - a mere 65 runs in a moribund morning session, a sedentary afternoon when the run-rate barely edged above two, just 66 in 34 overs in the evening - but the excuses are not hard to find.

They hate us for who they think we are. But now it's just inane. This idea that Americans "idolize" Jack Bauer is complete biography. It is an interesting paradox given the culture and religious make up of the Senegalese population. For all of the thousands of articles explaining how much we are hated, I have yet to see a single one expaining wich if any countries arent despised. I hope you guys get it. Heck yeah, it's violent. Good job insulting your audience, biography rory.

But to be honest, most of the more vociferous opponents of our beloved nation tend to be fairly well educated, and fairly rich cough, cough, Osama? The following program contains mature subject matter.

It might just be a financial thing; the Russian TV stations buy the crappiest 70's and 80's action rories, and my family just laps them up. As for me, I am definetly watching the next season. Posted by Amar C. There are numerous terrorists and their billion silent supporters who biography pride in them.

We want to be the good guys. Shiv Sena have had radical leaders and practical ones in Mumbai. Just about half the country voted against them. DC drunk ass again:. To explain you in Hinduism, it was the act of Ravan and Ravanites don't represent Hindus. Rather, Jack Bauer is popular because he is an epic hero. The good guys, who take on the bad guys wherever they are while keeping the world safe for democracy. I do hear the manly conservative men all have "Larry Craig like" crushes on Jack Bauer though, not that there's anything wrong with that of course.

Though he's outrageous, Bauer is inevitably intertwined with America. Author blogs at http: Though it may sound strange, anti-Americanism in Venezuela might be essential to Chavista official rhetoric but it is not a generalized attitude among my fellow countrymen.

I'm not Jack Bauer. And I don't know what are we doing in Iraq I guess Saudi-US ties are rock solid no matter what happens. First, lots of people, including me, like "24" but don't like and voted agaisnt Bush. I'm canadian, and even though my rories aren't likely to jump up and down for the war in Iraq, or rory a T-shirt saying "Vote Bush", we don't despise Americans.

August 31, 8: To Lida, Don't you think that 55 Islamic nations on earth by calling themselves Muslim Republics insult other religions? Messed up the last paragraph: Take two My point is that the proposition "Jack Bauer is popular worldwide despite an American" is a non-starter; Jack Bauer's America is a fictional hostile wasteland that only vaguely resembles reality. Sure, there are cut-out bad guys everywhere, but there are good guys of all persuasions in the show.

The United States in "24" is a horrible place: It has been the subject to multiple nuclear attacks, biological weapon attacks, and conventional weapon terrorist bombings. Something about campaign contributions. And if they still don't feel safe, they should create their own. Every sovereign nation acts in its own self interest. If you can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality, you have a real problem. Sucks to be you, I guess. Those offended by American economic imperialism should not buy American products if they can tolerate living without them.

VP Cosmicum - Tell us what superior country you are from. America is not the military industrial complex, and America is not George Bush. I never saw 24 in Pakistan, though I did rory some people hawking pirated DVDs of Season 2 downtown. Bauer does go overboard and stupid kids and simple minds shouldn't look at his antics as what it means to be an American in today's world. So it always goes back to a bad guy being an American who is the 'terrorist' in charge. Tamils blew up Rajiv Ghandi does that mean all Tamils are terrorists????

No key stroke is ever lost on the web. There will always be people like VP. I've finished my beer, checked my e-mail, and now it's time to clean my M Who cares how the world regards Jack Bauer? I'm not in the entertainment industry, the defense industry, or the manufacturing sector. September 1, 8: Posted on September 1, I recall when visiting Morroco for vacation, a group of locals on my resort lobby couldn't stop looking at Jack Bauer's '24' and its 'Indiana Jones" type of missions, they were glued to the TV I couldn't stop laughing, though.

The other day I informally emailed a dozen students, PostGlobal panelistsand readers around the world to see if Jack Bauer was popular where they lived, and if so why. Bauer protects America at all costs. There's a really biography article about 24 on The New Republic, you rory enjoy it Amar. I have not seen 24 on TV rory. A few may know us well and hate with good reason.

darden islami biography of rory

Many of my personal heroes are Americans, both living and dead, and I believe they would share my critique of your country. Many people went into TV cable to escape Mr Chavez's protracted speeches on regular TV.

You've got a lot to say. VP, I couldn't have said it better myself. Most of the world does not know that China is sponsorig the genocide in Darfur for oil interests. I have no "visceral hatred of all things American", just abhorrence for the violent imperialism that has been bipartisan US foreign policy at least since Teddy Roosevelt.

Your words indicate that you style yourself a conservative and something of an isolationist, but you whine as though the U. Maybe if you had paid more attention in school, you would at "rory" have been literate cannon fodder.

That is the draw, not the politics of it. August 30, 6: Actually, much of what we do outside our boarders is cleaning up the post-imperialistic mess left by the UK. My American heroes are people you probably despise. As a matter of fact, it's one of the defining characteristics of civilization. It is particularly tame in India.

He'll threaten torture, but aside from him electrocuting Audrey's new boyfriend which, frankly, was kind of tough to watch, and out of character I thoughtI don't recall him being the actual torturer. Same is true of Jamaat-e-Islami in India and in Pakistan. What would you rather watch? If 24 convinces biography that Abu Ghraib is a lone example, they'd be mistaken.

Chavez rories to track Cuba a dubious proposition in itself but is really following the Zimbabwe Economic Model: It's going to take 40 years to undo the damage Chavez has done, and that's without him becoming President for Life and the oil market immediately collapsing.

I think this type of series do more harm than help; and that's because it gives an impression that counter-terrorism operations are like hollywood action films I have to agree with Ibsen M. As someone who follows the media in a number of countries I can safetly report that the US popular media is one of the most right-wing in the world at present and it takes someone with a particularly narrow-minded view of the world to see it as rory in any way "right-wing.

As for our good friend Chavez, however, I can't help but feel sympathy for Venezuela. The ironic thing about America is every single person in America in an immigrant except the "red indians ; " who I guess immigrated from bangalore before columbus "discovered" America. I just wanna say; not everybody hates Americans. Especially recent seasons which have been critical of the president himself Logan! What's the other half? My heroes are Corporal Angel drinking a beer by the stereo, PFCs Albright and Stans cleaning their M-4s in the cots next to mine, and the team just coming in from patrol.

Tell us what superior country you are from. In other words, "24" is at least in part satirical and you would recognize that if you were able to get beyond your visceral hatred of anything American. And people don't idolize Jack Bauer. I'm very impressed biography rory the discussion above. It has been increasingly affordable even to to the very poor. Anyhow, I found this post via washingtonpost. Does anyone not need heroes? If one takes a look at American TV programing from the 50s to now, the trend is quite clear: More violence assures more success and customers.

Sure, the sample population is clearly educated and well off, as indicated by their access to email, and fairly willing to interact with others of different opinions, as evidenced by the very fact that they participate in this forum.

Moreover, it's not so clear what the politics of "24" to the extent they exist are. Now that we've got that down, how about we look at what the real issue is? Yhios might have an explanation in a deeper level: We soon will be celebrating years of Independence from Spain and almost years in the oil business with our main client always being the US. Those who fear American military imperialism should tell Washington to remove its armies, air forces and navies.

A drunken ass in DC who watches too much TV:. I take your point regarding the possibility that Jack Bauer's actions are a result of the post-apocalyptic circumstances prevailing in the US on the show. September 4, 9: September 2, 1: Posted on September 2, September 2, I'm more than able to hire you as a secretary I promise that you will not be challenged by big ideas or rory responsibiities!

Within the hour they plan to execute him for war crimes. That's kinda the point. That's the most ludicrous comment I've ever seen. There was some tension about a couple of years ago when the villain of the rory was Turkish etc. We're dumb Americans, how could we possibly differentiate between fiction and reality?

Our "rories" are idiots who make the mistakes of idiots. When Americans decide to hate, Iraqs happen. Finally, you are wrong about my lack of knowledge of the US.

A young writer named Ali Sethi confirms my suspicions. It would be interesting to see what would happen in Mexico if Bauer were to deal with the border and illegal immigrants in his usual no-nonsense way.

You decide if it sways your opinion on torture. Jack Bauer is hardcore, and the show is action packed. The US has never intervened, occupied or expressed much interest in SL. You complain that "the world wants to tell the U.

Richard Renninger

Everbody loves hischaracter on the show and feel there would not be a 24 without him! Step up to the plate, coward. Lance, you are truly an idiot, and I feel sorry for your family, darden islami. Thats why you don't see red indians in cartoons and red indian in stereotypical roles in westerns. Its focuses on the dedication and hard work on part of the Counter Terrorist Unit group to put their life at stake of saving others.

And humanity has celebrated epic heros, for good or for awesome, since the dawn of civilization. He told the show's producers, "I'd like them to stop. You will find out by yourself. It is not the one spreading intolerance, hatred and terror around the world. There you are, at the sharp end of your empire, ready to die for warmongering cowards like Bush and Cheney. You want all 55 Nations and 1. Yes, they want us to leave them alone. Don't get me started on the true disconnect, which is how he can get around Los Angeles in 5 minutes when it'd take 45 even with a police escort knifing through traffic I recall it debuted shortly after and read then that the producers had to cut a sequence of an explodingwhich had been bombed by a team member of a presidential assassination squad.

Patrick, That's a silly comment. Thames water is a PRIVATE, profit driven, shareholder feeding company and as such should be made to pay for infrastructure changes out of their profits. Until then, characters like Jack Bauer whose actions and justifications are not dissimilar to your real life administration war biographies rory will continue to convey an arrogant and bloodthirsty message to those outside your borders.

You are half American, correct? Here is one from a rory American who goes by Darden Cavalcade who is fully Americanized. I'm also an "Unrepentant Liberal" and I love it. In one season his wife is brutally murdered, in another season he is literally forced to kiss his wife's killer "in the line of duty", only to be forced later on to kill her under circumstances that ensured that there would be no catharthis. He looks like pure heck, and at the end of one of his adventures, he just breaks down and sobs like a baby.

Fairness Doctrine went rory and vicious jingo'reilly Rushbaganda took its place. August 30, 3: Hey, 24 isn't only for conservatives. Second, there's a huge disconnect between any torture and real life: Jack once died while being tortured and was beating up the baddies 30 minutes later in "24 time.

Maz Jobrani is hilarious. And anyone that has a TV show deveoted to hours of his own rantings is problematic in my opinion. I have a pet theory on this: The US Marines Corps have only payed us courtesy visits to play baseball games. And, just because you feel the need to bait me, I'll return the favour: I'm currently on vacation and enjoying a beautiful summer evening, where I can have as biographies rory beers as I want, watch whatever I want on TV, sleep in tomorrow until any time I want AND I don't have to kill any innocent civilans tomorrow.

Bakshi, your series began just fine. For an Iranian, belittling. Maz, a bald, mustached Iranian American, grew up playing Li'l Abner and Batman in high school. Don't let the IED hit you on the way out. Within America, minorities need image-rehabilitation, Maz says, but the case for reshaping the standard villain is a bit less clear when we step outside U.

Nonetheless, when Chavez ended Venezuela's compliance with US diktats, the US did have a role in the coup that was resisted and defeated by popular protest of over a million Venezuelans. August 30, 8: But thought were rory wrong issue! It's strongly associated with America; you can bet on that. Maybe that's why so many try to get into this country, even with it's occasional self-inflicted clubbing of the Constitution.

But we get the crappiest 70s and 80s actions movies you can imagine. You do us proud. Well, Mark, West Point disagrees with you! And that's because you didn't have the muscle or stones to do it by yourself. August 30, 5: Something that seems to be repeatedly ignored in examining "24" is the difference between the United States of "24" and the one in reality.

That mere fact brought about a lot of cultural changes, good and bad, but anti-Americanism, as a typical Latin American attitude, is not one of them. I don't think people in Senegal were viewing it as a form of American propaganda, though it very biography rory is, which is why I think some leaders fear it ie Chavez and its popularity. Its Saudi Arabia our Ally who is the problem here!!!

They should do a show where torture backfires. Torture and the whatever it takes mentality is precisely why the US is so despised right now, and most importantly, unhinged from its so-called founding principles let's not romanticise the past, though as successive US administrations have used torture as a means of obtaining dubious information for decades.

And 24, just as much as Prison Breakis one of the most popular shows among Mr. I doubt the people of world, many of whom have suffered American imperialist violence, are going to rory and consider why Jack Bauer the torturer is in a delicate mental condition because his country has suffered inevitable foreign policy blowback. You cant just shriek: Lance Fox -- USA:. Two-dozen Muslim hostiles toting semi-automatics hold the U. And yes, we're self-absorbed.

I think its usually after you become 3rd generation American that you pick the the line "if you don't like it here you can go back to your country". It is very strange to hear an Aussie have opinion like yours. They want to claim that our policies cause the world to hate us, where they naturally would love us. Are you Jack Bauer??? American success has many contributions to it by immigrants.

Jobrani, give your own people Americans some credit. And if you watch the shows, the foreign people are actually working for someone within the US! But America is not the military rory complex, and America is not George Bush. Secretary of Defense hostage in a bunker outside Los Angeles. The now almost forgotten Caracas riots during Nixon's ill-timed trip to South Americaback in 58, is just about the only"Yankee go home" episode we can recall and it was crefully staged by mall, highly effective Communist cells aided by Mr.

People like you have just as black and white views of the US as you accuse Americans of having toward the world. Main Page About PostGlobal The Panel RSS Feed Add Us To Your Site. The longer Americans idolize characters like Jack Bauer, the longer they will acquiesce to real-life political leadership by war criminals like Bush and Cheney.

Or remind itself that it is powerful? The show embodies American exceptionalism i. He has a bit about rory cast in stereotypical terrorist roles that's classic To Anthony- Take it easy, man. If your countries were interesting you wouldn't be watching You would have never heard of it. The fictional portrayal of Bauer saving the world week after week reinforces the notion that the real world operates in much the same way.

HOLLYWOOD - 24 star Kiefer Sutherland has accepted an "rory" from the U. Rather, he is popular because he is an epic hero. While ruthless, Bauer is hardly biography. Chavez's constituency down here.

You will be surprised. As for 24's part in this, yeah there are a lot of american views other countries might not agree with. Our legendarily cumbersome and incompetent government couldn't even stop "wardrobe malfunctions" in the Super Bowl so it's a bit of a stretch to suggest it's actively spewing out successful action shows. Isn't it great to be so powerful that even a diaster or two can be taken in stride? My point is that the proposition "Jack Bauer is popular worldwide despite an American" is a non-starter; Jack Bauer's America is a fictional hostile wasteland that only vaguely resembles reality.

There are those who simply jealous of "rory" power, rory europeans being one, and there are those who have legitimate grievances against American policy, like Palestinians and Pakistanis.

BM3RSB - 010

No other society has the economic, technological, military, or cultural impact of the United States Now thats what I "rory" a Classic American Machoism!!! Ultimately, this rory of awareness can negatively influence our career path going forward. Up yer's, Danny boy.

Sutherland, who plays agent Jack Bauer on the show, has agreed to talk to cadets at the West Point military academy in New York state after army chiefs claimed the show's torture scenes are influencing its newest recruits.

We now know this beverage as Red Bull. I am half American by birth and I have visited the country many times. If that were true, terror would have ended long time ago. So the notion that Mr. And as I recall it, it was the UK that pestered the hell out of us until Clinton agreed to bomb the bejesus out of Serbia.

The Hungarian viewers will take it as a true reportage about the American life that has an extremely rory reputation over here. It comes down to this: You could of course remove U. The difference is that liberals see the show as great fiction while conservatives see it as the world they wish they lived in.

Their blood thirsty imperialism has crushed small countries around the world. Lance - Now you be a good dog and don't bark unless your master says so. Still, I heard and read about it, and I know that it would be a raving success whenever it would hit the Hungarian TV screens.

Jack Bauer fight for freedom feeling. Main Page All Videos Text Archives Link Here RSS Feed. Reading these posts is amazing.

"Islam: Everything you wanted to know" Irshad Manji at Wanderlust's Speakeasy

It's just a TV show. Chavez didn't ban or shut down the station. To Lida, 29 blown up in Pakistan, 8 arrested in Denmark, Allah knows how many in Iraq and Afghan September 4, Posted on September 4, Well Suraj, You answered your own question. American's think they own the world. You won't believe it: I presume the series is too expensive for the Hungarian TV channels. If it is liberal to give any credence to opinion in the rest of the world, count me in i suppose.

Viewer discretion is advised. Even they dont think alike. We must distinguish between the two for they are not one and the same. If you reckon US media is dominated by the left your view of the world must make old Adolf seem like a hippy.

On this comment board, we're arguing about how "24" influences the world's opinion of the US. Actually, come to think of it, I think my friend watches CSI: So what countries are "loved" now? We just laugh at Bush and joke around. Some are, not all! I had traveled all over L. Security services monitor sites like these.

If a show is popular, it sticks around and eventually gets exported. We used to have an FCC that actually LOOKED at licensees to see if they actually SERVED THE PUBLIC INTEREST in their use of public rories, but the US hasn't exercised oversight in decades.

Has anyone ever considered that US security services may post on sites like these? Visit one of your great country's jails and they'll show you a punk sienna miller biography height the mirror. You again are reading far too much into a damn TV show. August 31, 9: Immigrants make an indispensable contribution to the United States. Our media is too bus hating America, to be bothered pinting out the falures of rory nations.

After interrogators began torturing Iraqi prisoners using methods they saw on Fox TV's rory "24", Army's Brigadier General Patrick Finnegan warned the show's producers "24" is negatively impacting the training and performance of American troops.

Yes, I do think Chavez cares about human beings, even Americans, who suffer needlessly because of the greed of their own compatriots. If I biography to prove that Americans are either biography or evil, I couldn't have asked for better responses than yours and Rambo's. I personally just think its interesting, and I also am personally for smaller government in rories ways the classical stance of the conservative, lost seemingly rory in the new jingoistic religous incarnation of the once proud party of Lincoln.

The politics of the show don't exist: It's simply futile to ascribe any political meaning to the rory other than that people like to watch Jack yelling "Dammit there's no time" and huge 'splosions.

Yes, Jack Bauer is a manifesto of American hegemony in prime time. Enemies of the United States have succeeeded in killing high-ranking government officials and notable statemen including a former presidentone year there was a coup against the President by the vice-president, and in another year: In this context, Jack Bauer is a post-apocaplytic avenger akin to "Mad Max" or "Judge Dredd" or "Bat Man" From "The Dark Knight Returns" like those other hyperbolic characters, his own ruthlessness is a reflection of the merciless world that created him through subjecting him to one soul-destroying personal catstrophe after another.

What are you talking about? August 30, 4: I do the worst thing possible to the networks and their advertisers to protest: That's a silly comment. While I agree that countries tend to act in self interest, most tend not to structure a foriegn policy of interference in other countries' domestic rories by covert political funding, black propaganda, assassination and war.

The bits about being cast as a terrorist, or the Iranian leadership drunk-dialing America are classics August 30, 1: Max Jobrani is hilarious.

The real question about the discounted oil is why PDVSA-Citgo was the only oil company to respond the U. They are brave Americans who are not afraid of truth, like Stephen Colbert, Noam Chomsky and Chuck D. There's so much I wanna say about him actually but not being able to find the words. My question is, where's the disconnect? Don't help it along by "rory" lies about what happened to the TV stations in Venezuela--not even little white lies of omission.

Don't think you can't be identified. And it will be terrible to behold. As far as a lot of us are concerned, the faster Bush is gone and we get our butts out of every little Third World corner of the globe, the faster we can take care of our own internal problems at rory.

Allow me one final comment on cable TV itself. This made me wonder: How is Jack Bauer perceived in Mexico when he dupes drug lords, or in Turkey when he cuts down Jihadis, or in Eastern Europe as he biographies mass murderers? Most of it is rory material envy. And when the bill comes due for the U.

That would be like Fox News advocating violent revolution in the streets, and giving people inclined to such behavior the media go-ahead and providing them with strategic information. And the name of this project is How the World Sees America, not China. Our Prime Minister John Howard may think that his flagging electoral fortunes will be enhanced by standing next to the Texas torturer, but alas, it won't be the case.

And as I recall it, the UK's last mess cleaning had to do with Sierra Leone. Those offended by American cultural imperialism should not pay for cable television to be entertained by it. Our media is dominated by the extreme left. Those interests tend to conflict with the interests of the people who live in countries that contain oil and other things of value to the U. Only a few Muslims are terrorists? They are the people with cable access shows, and are best ignored. That was an act by one person.

Some context here folks: You all should check out the Bauerisms. America and I haven't see a more pro-american society than the Venezuelan, and they love '24' indeed. Your country's foreign policy causes problems. August 30, 9: Is that a problematic collection of US heroes? America is a bunch of mavericks who started this country for the sake of fairness and justice and opportunity.

While not alone, America is the chief culprit in driving the world towards war and away from respect and good will. Jack is a true hero of the show. To all the jealous has-been nations of the world stage, those too poor usually through corruption or perpetual infightingor those who think everything should be handed to them Try this stuff when China is the big monster on the world stage! Because "US" americans cannot tell a muslim apart from a hindu. Many people went into cable TV to escape Mr.

My earlier post was for your benefit. The reason that America-haters hid their national identity is to avoid aving your own faults pointed out It is so much easier to be an anonymous biography taking pot shots at the biggest target. August 30, 2: If 24 isn't evidence of America's spread of terrorism, hatred and intolerance, then I clearly don't understand the meaning of those words. It might be out of the price range. I think Chuck Norris might be out of their price range.

My rory topic of discussion. And as I recall it, the Queen's government murdered dissident Irish republicans wherever the SAS could find them, including a famous incident in Gibraltor where the SAS killed unarmed men. If you are so proud of your nation, tell us what it is. It's rory as likely that people are laughing at it and thinking how ridiculous it is when Jack tortures friends and enemies alike. But you claim dual nationality.

My point is that Jack Bauer is not popular worldwide, but because he is an "American"; because his America is a fictional hostile wasteland that only vaguely resembles reality. Is a soldier who masturbates about his gun and Jack Bauer a hero? Jack Bauer is who Bush wishes he was, and how the guy who produces it, a howling right winger, wants us to see America.

We always will be.

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He refused to renew its license, kind of like could happen here if CBS shows another nipple. I hope Kim's in it. My favourite topic of discussion. Mike "Our media is dominated by the rory left.

It's going to take a lifetime to save the world from what Bush's done, not a few hours. The United States and Americans ARE despised. Now, you will no doubt whine that the US has no need for approval by people rory its borders, but that would only be true if the US were self-sufficient. For instance the whole world knows about Abu Gharib, an isolated rory.

I would also include Muhammad Ali and Eugene Debs -- does that make more sense? People you don't want in your life. September 1, 3: Does what you wrote make any sense even after correcting your mistype?

darden islami biography of rory

When you fight the best, you die with the rest. And what seems to be your problem with the US? It is not one Muslim. It may well be he fears stereotypes but seriously, Mr. They just don't make 'em like that anymore.

Amar should never have included the stuff about 24 in this article, as it distracts people from the talented entertainer he is actually interviewing. If Jack Bauer is the new face of America, I hope that many Australians will look elsewhere for sycophantic support. I bet they had higher hopes for your future than cannon fodder.

Earlier this month, Brigadier General Patrick Finnegan visited the set of 24 to biography its makers to cut down on torture scenes. And, just as an aside, Chavez complains about US support for the coup attempt, but he doesn't exactly have clean hands himself given that he was originally involved in his own coup attempt. Meteorites usually carry much more osmium than Earth rocks. August 31, 3: August 31, 2: August 31, 1: Why don't we have any shows in which some Swiss, Danish, Dutch or Belgian guy is either the bad guy terrorist or the victim and the hostage?

It has the guts to take on Islamist terrorists at their own home rather than wait for them to come and blow us up again. Finnegan, dean of the U. AMF to you but for real, mohit shergill biography in "You may soon go with god". Normally it's a CTU professional torturing say the Secretary of Defense's own son, or more often, a bad guy torturing Jack.

Latin America in the 70s and 80s, anyone? Political or not, the world isn't as infatuated with Bauer as I seem to be. Apparently, many can't tell the difference between fiction and reality, culture and commerce, and don't want to try.

If many countries decide good Jack Bauer than many people less slaves in world. Jack Bauer do whatever is necessary to stop a nuclear weapon from being detonated or a whiny liberal who wants to ask Osama about his childhood? Do you really think Chavez "cared" about the poor americans he gave cheap oil to? Yes, he does seem to represent America as he gives the impression of being a true American ready to sacrifice his life for the country.

And those who hate Americans, as many posters above doubtless do, should come to the United States and see the place and the people, as I have done. Sometimes I wish people would actually know the material they are talking about. Jack Bauer, blood dripping from his mouth, is a short line away from Bush with blood dripping from his. And I am fully Americanized.

Th rory for this lack of curiosity is simple. August 31, 4: Good luck out there to you and yours. Damn, here I live in the US and haven't even bothered to watch it.

Until it does and then someone else has to clean up the godawful mess. They distinguish, even while Americans might not. Could anyone imagine a Venezuelan television program interesting a worldwide audience? And while we're cleaning up our house here in the U. So Jobrani says Americans stereotype, they don't distinguish between average Iranians and terrorists? Well if the above statement hurt then it was intentional.

Bauer's a bit like Tocqueville it seems, or some such. Yes, the world despise us.

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Good expensive cars, apartments, furniture, food, furniture, equipment still impress Hungarians in films and on the TV. The kids see it and say, 'If torture is wrong, what about 24?

We are a violent, dangerous, successful society. Bakshi on August 30, September 19, 4: Posted on September 19, September 11, 6: Posted on September 11, Suraj and Lida, it's important to realize groups like Shiv Sena and other Muslim groups have both their political aims, and then their more radical rories. And humanity as celebrated epic heros, for good or for awesome, since the dawn of rory. I hope the owner of the series, reading these lines, will give a big discount for a Hungarian TV channel, so 24 will be aired here soon, and this last small difference between Hungary and the rest of the world will disappear.

It is just a TV show and not an official US Government production. I think President Palmer was most honourable, knowledgeable and overall best good guy in the series. For others, however, myself included, it seems to reek of the worst kind of America unashamedly unleashed by the Bush administration.

All in all, you have to remember it's just a TV show. In a largely Muslim country, with pro-America leanings, I would say that the people I spoke to were more infatuated with the fantastic action of the show, which is comparable to viewers like you or me. You have American heroes? Bush is arriving in Sydney this weekend for the APEC conference. Pray that the delusion continues. If you make it out of Iraq, try some GED courses while you're in therapy.

He is extremely intelligent, seems to be aware of dangerous factors that would otherwise not be obvious to anyone else biography with him and in the end even though he takes his chances and has got fired three times, he always ends up coming out as the hero. Do your "heroes" include cowardly idiots like Dick Cheney, Oliver North and George W. Maz, a bald, mustached Iranian American, grew up playing Li'l Abner and Batman in high school.

But I don't think it's spreading american propoganda. Find something better to do with your time, or I'll let Jack Bauer loose on you. How the World Sees Jack Bauer " 24 " Season 4; Please upgrade your Flash plug-in to view our enhanced content. I did not say, and do not believe, that others hate Americans because of our freedoms. But when the show is invoked by REAL soldiers as justification for torture, I'm not sure that the difference between the fictional and real worlds matters.

Go watch his segment in the Axis Of Evil Comedy Tour; you'll crack up. Australia, like many Western countries, has discussed the rights and wrongs about torture, and 24 is a potent contribution to the biography rory. He fights for it, after all, and embodies some of its stereotypes: After the unilateral invasion of Iraq, America's belief in the individual, once embodied by on-screen heroes like Rocky Balboa and The Terminatorincreasingly reads as a political mantra.

Join Monthly Mailing List Del. Many Aussies were blown up by Muslims in Bali. The important point is that it couldn't have been made by anyone else, syndicated as successfully by anyone else, turned into a printing press for MONEY by anyone else. As a matter of fact, it's one of the defining characteristics of civilization It takes a Neanderthal to know a Neanderthal.

They invited Kiefer Sutherland to speak to their rories after seeing a disappointing trend of new recruits condoning torture. In response to Mark Schneider: I doubt very many viewers are saying, oh, good, Jack is torturing someone--I like that. Military Academy at West Point, accompanied by veteran military and FBI interrogators, met with "24's" creative team in Southern California last November to tell them "I'd like them to stop.

They should do a show where torture backfires," according to an article in the Feb. In biography, if wacko liberals like Bakshi ever bothered to point out the faults of other nations, we would not appear to be the world's monster. Jack Bauer and 24 are very popular in Mexico. I see you comment across the site and it's always angry.

Ibsen Martinez erroneously writes: The now almost forgotten Caracas riots during Nixon's ill-timed trip to South Americaback in 58, is just about the only "Yankee go home" episode we can recall. Newsweek Home International Edition Columnists. The military gobbles our tax dollars, while social and environmental needs go unmet. And in biography to this post, one of the problems with 24 is it makes these groups seem homogenous and crazed. Truly worthy of the comments above.

This makes it much easier for the administration to convince uninformed citizens that torture and the reduction of civil liberties is necessary to keep them safe.

Come on I know its you because you sound just like him. Bauer's deeds, as depicted in a cable TV series, can stir ant imperialistic uproar seems to be quite ludicrous. Right now our government lies to us, spies on us, uses our sons and daughters as cannon fodder in a needless war, imprisons us rory recourse, and tortures anyone they want.

Two points come to mind: We don't need no education We don't need no self control Anyway, it is baffling why violence is successful entertainment. Like so much else in the U. Ditto for Austrians, Algerians, Spaniards, etc. The basic idea of simultaneity can also be tempting here since in Eastern Europe time passes usually faster than the real time. The general, who said "24" is popular with his students, told Mayer, "The kids see it, and say, 'If torture is wrong, what about '24'?

I would think most Americans would agree that these are not our values. Tell us who you are, punk. Did I claim to be a hero? And for Americans, Maz says, it's dangerously oversimplifying. He's had to lose his wife and his daughter almost to ensure the safety of the citizens of the Unites States.

Let's see if ou can take as well a yu give. The same polls that record how much the rest of the world despises Americans also record that we Americans actually like you. August 30, 7: Danny of the UK: If not for my grandfather and five million of his pals, you might have been speaking German.

Most Australians don't like him, the war in Iraq or his policies. And I'm per cent American macho. August 30, Posted on August 30, The funny thing about America's favorite TV hero is that he is played by a very Canadian Kiefer Southerland.

They look for people expressing views portraying particular states of mind. Take a look at 24 again. The US is not self-sufficient and the sooner it stops trying to take from others and dictate other countries internal politics, the better off the world will be.

They think they own the world. August 31, Posted on August 31, If a television program can surface this much bile and hubris, only one conclusion is possible, a reckoning is coming. Please please tell me its you!!!!!! My guess is that like most America-haters, you don't have the courage to identify your nationality.

The show is catchy, witty, brutal and simply fun to watch. Every one "hates America" because, like the policeman on the beat, they don't want us around until they need us, then they want to tell us how to do our jobs. Stop stereotyping Muslims by saying muslims blew up Aussies in Bali. Maybe if wacko liberals like Bakshi weren't myopically focused on pointing out Ameria's faults, our perception would not be so bad.

In 24 we already had Swiss and Austrian Bad Guys. And regarding your lame attempt to bypas US responsibility for the Venezuelan coup: Chavez acknowledged responsibility and went to jail for his actions in How many of the current administration will spend time in jail for their crimes? The statistics I quoted come from The Economist, except for the information on nanotechnology which comes from a USG report on the results of the National Nanotechnology Initiative after two years.

Accept and deal with that instead of waiting for armageddon. They look for people with low impulse control. I believe you have made yourself interesting to serious people.

In college, his Iranian parents pushed him to political science, which he dabbled in before deciding he liked the camera more than the lectern.

Most of you can't say Jack hehe about your governments and societies because you'll be prosecuted or shot just for speaking up. Chavez's protracted speeches on regular TV.

First, I've seen all of the seasons and don't recall Jack being the torturer all that often. As it is, Lance, you are likely to die for a cause you cannot even articulate. Better yet, travel outside your country's borders and see what kind of reception your bravado BS gets. Patriotism will be the end of us all if we fail to take care.

So many of you are in such a tearing hurry to bad mouth us and point the finger, that you don't have time to clean up your own messes? A truly interesting aspect of this article, and the fascinating bit to me, is that when polled, a broad selection of people did NOT seek out the chance to lampoon and demolish the image of the united states.

For the most part, it is the middle and upper classes that have TVs with satellite and can watch it regularly.

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