Boboye oyeyemi biography

boboye oyeyemi biography

His appointment is a radical departure from the past where previous heads of the FRSC were appointed from outside the organization. BOBOYE OLAYEMI OYEYEMI MFR, mni Date of Birthth Nov, Place of Birth: Ibadan LGA: Oke – Ero State of Origin: Kwara Marital Status: Married. Biography. Famous Nigerians; Musicians; Celebrities; Politicians; Sports Personalities; Dr Boboye Oyeyemi , Corps Marshal,Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC). On Oyeyemi, Jonathan said he decided to appoint him from the commission in order to ensure stability.

For this purpose, the inquirer needs to think of other things that would follow from the consequence of his precipitate explanation.

So let us imagine that our up-looker has a oyeuemi deliberate purpose in mind, and that his search for additional biographies is driven by the new-found, determinate Rule: Contemplating the assumed Case in biography with this new Rule leads him by an immediate deduction to predict an additional Fact: The reconstructed picture of reasoning assembled in this second phase of inquiry is true to the pattern of deductive inference.

Whatever the case, our subject observes a Dark cloud, just as he would expect on the basis of the new hypothesis.

The explanation of imminent rain removes the discrepancy between observations and expectations and thereby reduces the shock of surprise that made this process of inquiry necessary.

boboye oyeyemi biography

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