Bob hawke brief biography

bob hawke brief biography

In July the Hawke's moved to a larger house in Royal Avenue, still in the bayside suburb of Sandringham, with their three young children. He was an adamant opponent of apartheid and a strong supporter of reform in South Africa. Blanche d'Alpuget (Official Website). "A brief history of Blanche." Louise next asked her to update her biography of Bob Hawke to cover his years as Prime. References List Bob Hawke biography, University of South Australia, viewed 8 May Debating SA , A brief overview for beginners. The same year, the government passed the Human Rights Commission Act and established the Human Rights Commission. At the age of 50, he might have been a new parliamentarian, but he was a seasoned, confident and persuasive politician.

Hazel Masterson was born in Perth in She met Bob Hawke through their church activities — she was secretary of the Congregational Youth Fellowship, he was president.

At Oxford University, she typed his thesis while he wrote it.

This was a division of labour that persisted through their marriage — Hazel Hawke was a behind-the-scenes manager while Bob Hawke was in the limelight. Inwhen they married and moved to Canberra, she worked at the Indian High Commission.

They lived in Melbourne from towhere she raised their three children, often on her own as Hawke built his career through hard work, long hours and the development of many bob hawke brief biography and professional networks. She was bov an active participant in his five successful election campaigns from toand in the campaign when Labor won government under Gough Whitlam. When Hawke was elected to federal parliament inHazel Hawke found that she was entitled to six annual return airfares to Canberra.

As prime ministerial wife, Hazel Hawke enjoyed her time at The Lodge — For the first time in her married life she had staff help and an acknowledgement of her important role as prime ministerial wife and her personal and political contributions to the partnership. Her official workload was heavy and she stepped from a closely guarded private life into active campaigning for many causes.

Typical of her many speeches was an address delivered at the National Press Club in Canberra in January when she spoke bob hawke brief biography women, Aboriginal people, social welfare and changes in her life since her husband became Prime Minister. At first she wrote her own speeches but then began to find demands on her too great, despite the help of an official secretary. She then drew on briefing notes provided by relevant federal agencies, such as the Office for the Status of Women.

Hazel Hawke was patron of many welfare, education, arts, and environmental organisations. The Australiana Fund, started by Tamie Fraserused brjef to collect Australian art and furniture for the four official residences — Government House and The Lodge in Canberra, and Admiralty House and Kirribilli House in Sydney.

Hazel Hawke also fitted out a room on the mezzanine landing of The Lodge as her office. She remembered this as her favourite room, where she spent most of her time. That year the Hawkes moved to Sydney to live, planning extensive renovations to the harbourside home they had bought to replace their much-loved official residence in Sydney, Kirribilli House.

Hazel Hawke also completed and published her autobiography, My Own Life, in She continued to be a sought-after and high-profile public speaker and an active leader in community, environment and arts organisations.

bob hawke brief biography

Hazel Nob was appointed chair of the New South Wales Heritage Council and travelled widely throughout the State speaking in support of heritage conservation. InHazel Hawke announced the donation of her personal papers documenting her time at The Lodge to the John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library JCPML at the Curtin University of Technology in Perth, Western Australia.

bob hawke brief biography

She was bob hawke brief biography and raised in Western Australia. In recognition of the achievements of her public bob hawke brief biography, Hazel Hawke was awarded the Order of Australia on 11 June Hazel Hawke revealed bob hawke brief biography in that she was suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

bob hawke brief biography

With Hzwke Australia, she established the Hazel Hawke Alzheimer's Research and Care Fund for research into the hawoe and support for sufferers, their families and carers. Hazel Hawke died from complications of Alzheimer's disease on 23 Mayat the age of Hawke, Bob, The Hawke Memoirs, William Heinemann Australia, Port Melbourne, Hawke, Hazel, My Brife Life: An Autobiography, Text Publishing, Melbourne, The Public and Private Lives of Ten Australian Women, McPhee Gribble, Melbourne,

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