Biography website templates free

biography website templates free

How to Set Professional Fees for Consulting Contracts Setting fees is one of the hardest things to do for independent professionals such as consultants, coaches and therapists. The Biography Template consist of free and printable samples in PDF, Word, Excel format. When you need a professional bio from your staff for your website, business proposals or publications such as newsletters, How to Write a Short Bio Template. On the other hand, if you have special certifications in hair color, facials, make-up, or any other beauty routine, be sure to list them.

Company Address Dear Ms. I have two years experience in administration, client support and customer biography website templates free management. I believe that my work-related experience, along with my drive and enthusiasm, make me an excellent candidate for employment on your team.

I was pleased to see your company made the top fifty growing business list in Forbes magazine, and I would be proud to be associated with such a dynamic company. My proficiency in administrative and office software such as Lotus, WordPerfect, and Excel complement my qualifications. I would appreciate the opportunity to biography website templates free with you at your convenience and hope you will give the enclosed fref your favorable consideration.

After all, they are looking for the perfect candidate and that could very well be you. A good bio is an effective tool in helping to acquire new customers.

Check out the bios of a few other stylists, preferably those in your own area, maybe even those whose work or salon you know. What are they doing? Write a bio, not a book. This is not the moment to launch into your version of Zen and the Art of Hair Maintenance. Establish a warm and friendly tone. I can give you a style that will make all your friends say you look fabulous!

No one wants a stylist who just picked up a pair of scissors one day and started practicing on her dolls. Where were you trained and when? What awards or professional recognition have you received?

What are your specialties? On the other hand, if you have special certifications in hair color, facials, make-up, or any other beauty routine, be sure to biography website templates free them. What products do you use? In some salons, you may not have any control over that, biogrwphy in many cases, stylists have favorite products that they use consistently.

Are you a special events maven? In other words, do you love to do weddings, proms, styles for graduation pictures, etc.? Do you really love to work with small children? Why do you love doing this?

If you simply love making people look their best, then say so. Share why you chose this career instead of X-ray biography website templates free. Be sure to include the basic biography website templates free. People want to know where your shop is located, when your shop is open, and if they need an appointment.

Some biographies website templates free will accept walk-ins for a shampoo or cut but biography website templates free appointments for perms, coloring, and special occasion groups. Include all that information so unhappy surprises are avoided. A sample bio might look something like this: In addition to passing all of my final tests with high scores, I also received certification in coloring, facials, and waxing.

I specialize in working with long hair, creating updos and styles that can be worn every day. I recently took courses in make-up design and application, and I love the opportunity to work on clients before their proms or entire wedding parties. Nail Boutique is located at the rear of our salon, and our customers get a 10 percent discount on all manicures. The important points to remember are using this information to establish trust, confidence, and desire in potential customers.

Creating a lively, informational, and friendly bio is a great way to get them in your door. By holding on to those memories, we websige focus templlates the good times we had together, and help each other find comfort in this difficult time.

Be sure to keep it positive. How to Write a Good Twitter Bio The biggest challenge in writing a good Twitter biogarphy is that Twitter allows you only characters. That means your bio must capture the attention of a potential follower in about 20 words.

Here are five important tips to help you write your Twitter bio, along with wbesite good Twitter bio wesite. Tip 1 — Include Your Area of Expertise Your expertise should be included in your Twitter bio, showing off what you are good at.

Using relevant keywords in your bio helps people who have the same interests to find you, and will also help you show up in search results. In addition, using keywords in your bio will help you pop up in Twitter apps that group users together by interest. For example, can you guess what keywords the mashsocialmedia bio is targeting? The latest happenings in social media, biogrraphy tips on using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Foursquare and more.

biography website templates free

Queen of the carry-on bag. How can I help with your next trip? Tip 3 — Mention What You Offer Mention what you offer within your Twitter profile. Show potential followers who you are and how you can be useful to them.

biography website templates free

IAC Lead Certifier, biography website templates free educator. Blogger and social media enthusiast. Pretty efficient use of 19 words! Tip 4 — Write with Personality Last, give a sense of your personality in your Twitter bio.

biography website templates free

Are you funny, sincere, sarcastic? Letting your personality shine through takes a profile from ho-hum to intriguing — which will make people want to follow. Someone who uses those types of ibography is webstie witty, unpretentious and enthusiastic about his interests.

That bitingly funny Twitter bio you wrote and then deleted after realizing that it could offend some of your customers? Even if you just use Twitter for friends and not for business purposeskeep in mind that business contacts can and will read your Twitter page.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter is a completely open platform; people do not need permission to follow you. Sure you can block someone; but they can still do a Google search for site: Socializing on Twitter is not the same as socializing in the privacy of your own home, or even your local coffee shop.

Twitter is the digital age equivalent of the front page of the newspaper. So yes, be real and be professional as well. How to Set Professional Fees for Consulting Contracts Setting fees is one of the hardest things to do for independent professionals such as consultants, coaches and therapists. People think consultants and other self-employed professionals make exorbitant hourly rates, when in fact they are often just making the equivalent on an hourly basis as any typical employed professional.

As someone who has been an independent coach and consultant for the past 20 biographies website templates free, I get tired of envious people making little digs about my rates. How do you set professional fees?

A good wegsite to start is to multiply by 2. If an employee costs: You would also take into consideration factors such as competition, reputation, specialized skills, supply, demand, and the economy.

Why do you multiply by 2. Tired of the comments? Webdite you have to do is give up your benefits, paid holidays and regular pay cheque — and take the leap. Could Hiring a Coach Help You Conquer Your Worst Habit? It can be frustrating and discouraging. Instead of feeling discouraged, consider hiring a habit change coach or joining a coaching group.

Like other forms of coaching, habit change coaching is grounded in principles from several different psychological approaches, including:

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