Biography of debshankar haldar

biography of debshankar haldar

The play was written by Ujjwal Chattopadhyay. Debshankar Haldar was born on January 8, in Calcutta, West Bengal, India. He is an actor, known for Bodhon (), Herbert () and Muktodhara. Biley or Bilay (Bengali: Debshankar Haldar played the lead role. Phalguni Chattopadhyay directed this drama and Ujjwal Chattopadhyay was the playwright. Both his father Abhay Haldar and brother Amiya Haldar were stage actors.

Abhay Haldar Debshankar Haldar Biography Debshankar Haldar is an accomplished Bengali theatre artist. He has also acted in a few movies, though his first priority is theatre.

biography of debshankar haldar

He had a off term association with one of the leading and well established theatre troupe based on Kolkata - Nandikar. He was most recently seen in the Bengali film, Tadanto, directed by the accomplished art director of Bollywood Nitish Roy.

Muktodhara, Arundhati, Alik Sukh, Rasta, Chha-e-chhuti, Mahulbanir Sereng, Bhalo Theko, Accident, Herbert and Na Hannyate are some of his noted film biographies of debshankar haldar. Many of his films are unreleased.

He has been also associated with Audio Drama Albums like Shesher Kabita, Ami i Vivekananda, Nisshanga Samrat and Shesh Ontora to biography of debshankar haldar a few.

biography of debshankar haldar

He was born in Kolkata, West Bengal in Haldqr was born into a family of actors associated with theatre. Both his father Abhay Haldar and brother Amiya Haldar were stage actors. It was his father who introduced him to the world of theatre and he attended the workshops conducted by the famous troupe — Nandikar in He got so much attracted by the workshop that he joined the same troupe as a stage actor.

biography of debshankar haldar

He has been associated with Nandikar for so many years. Natyaranga, Sudrak, Bratyajon, Rangapat, Gandhar, Lake Town Sreebhumi Sansriti and Blank Verse are other troupes with which he has been associated with. While associated with Nandikar, he also trained artists.

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