Biography about david cameron

biography about david cameron

As a child, he spent his youth in Berkshire. Lifelong politico David Cameron is a descendant of King William IV and prime minister of Great Britain as of May , at David Cameron, after being named the new leader of Britain’s Conservative Party, London, December. Cameron said that he would put the outcome of his efforts to a referendum by the end of , when voters would be asked whether they wished the country to remain in the EU. However, the economic policies of austerity were both politically unpopular and a factor in causing a double dip recession leading to a prolonged decline in living standards.

About David Cameron Biography David Cameron was leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister of the UK After the referendum defeat, he resigned as Prime Minister. During his term in office, he presided over a period of economic austerity and also a Referendum on Scottish Independence, where he successfully campaigned for a No Vote. Ivan, Nancy, Arthur and Florence Alma mater: Brasenose College, Oxford Religion: Church of England David Cameron camern born October,in Marylebone, London and raised in Peasemore, Berkshire to a middle class family.

His father was biiography stockbroker, distantly related to King William IV.

biography about david cameron

Cameron was educated at Eton and later Brasenose College, Oxford University. At Oxford he studied PPE, and was taught by leading politics professor — Prof Vernon Bogdanor; Bogdanor was impressed with the maturity and political views of this student. Cameron graduated with a first class honours degree. After graduating from Oxford, he worked for the Conservative Research Department.

This led to further opportunities, within the Conservative party. It was considered a great achievement, given the economy was in recession.

After the election, he worked as special advisor to the Chancellor Normal Lamont and later for the home office.

Inhe left his role in the Conservative party to work in the private sector, working as a biography about david cameron for Carlton Communications. Aboyt he married Samantha, they have four children He stayed in this role untilwhen he left to contest an election davic Parliament. He was selected as candidate for Witney and was elected to Parliament.

He served on the Home Affairs Select Committee and gained a high profile for speaking out on national issues.

Inhe was appointed biography about david cameron minister in the Privy Council and vice chairman of the Conservative party. InMichael Howard resigned as leader of the Conservative party, leaving the leadership wide open.

Despite his young age and relative lack of experience, he gained support from some key party members. Despite finishing second in the first ballot, he went on to win, beating more established names.

The Conservatives gained the most seats, but had to form a coalition with the Liberal Democrats.

Cameron was elected Prime Minister, with his faithful friend George Osborne as chancellor. Nick Clegg, the Lib Dem leader was also in the cabinet as deputy leader.

It helped that under Cameron the Conservatives were becoming more socially liberal and the Lib Dems were accepting of the Conservatives main plans for fiscal austerity. Nevertheless the government had many difficulties. From within his own party, Cameron faced repeated criticisms.

biography about david cameron

Many on the right were uneasy at the direction he took the biography about david cameron on — especially on camerron issues, such as gay marriage. On the economic front, the government sought to blame the biogrwphy Labour government for leaving the economy in a mess with record borrowing levels.

Xbout, the economic policies of austerity were both politically unpopular and a factor in causing a double dip recession leading to a prolonged decline in living standards. On Europe, Cameron had to face the growing rise of the Eurosceptic UKIP by taking a tough line on Europe, and during the General Election promising a referendum on future European integration. Cameron has described himself as a compassionate biography about david cameron — biography about david cameron to make a break with the more radical and unpopular popular image of Margaret Thatcher.

However, after the London riots ofhe tried to portray a more typical tough Conservative posture.

biography about david cameron

Our attitude to devolution and localisation of power. Cameron played a role in campaigning for Scotland to remain in the UK.

He argued independence would harm Scotland economically. Cameron hoped he could win the referendum and silence the increasingly Eurosceptic wing within the Conservative Party.

U.K. Prime Minister Forgets Young Daughter in Pub: David Cameron Realizes 2 Miles Down Road

However, the tabloid press were mostly in favour of Leaving the EU and had frequently raised the issue of immigration over the preceding years. As Prime Minister Cameron had placed targets for net migration, but these had been repeatedly breached. Many felt the inability to control immigration from Eastern Europe, was a decisive factor in encouraging many to vote Leave. His old friend and fellow Old-Etonian Boris Johnsondecision to campaign for Vote Leave was also important.

Cameron had hoped Johnson would support him. After the referendum defeat, Cameron announced he would stand down as Prime Minister, he later also resigned his constituency seat in Witney. Updated 3rd February

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