Art fettig biography

art fettig biography

I then continued on to say that the secrets of success were so simple that you could teach them to a little child. Our booking agents work on your behalf to get your organization the best price for your desired celebrity. Art Fettig is an actor and writer, known for The Comedy Show: Clean Comedy with a Smile (). Art Fettig Speakers Bureau, Biography of celebrity speaker Art Fettig, booking agency, fee and contact information and costs to hire famous speakers like Art Fettig. Art Fettig spent 35 years in the railroad industry, working first as a claim agent investigating thousands of tragic accidents.

He is now a veteran of nearly 3, professional presentations to audiences around the world. Art Fettig receiving award. Art is the father of 4 grown children, has 5 grandchildren. Art Fettig spent 35 years in the railroad industry, working first as a claim agent investigating thousands of tragic accidents.

art fettig biography

Then, for ten years he was able to dedicate his efforts to preventing such accidents. His award winning audiovisual programs on safety have been seen by millions of students throughout the U. Art Fettig in San Diego Art is a art fettig biography author with over a thousand published articles and some 30 published books to his credit.

He is founder and chief executive officer of Growth Unlimited Inc. Art has the unique ability to reach people of all backgrounds and all ages with his spellbinding messages.

He's a art fettig biography convention keynoter and is in constant demand by art fettig biography corporations to speak for all of their employees, including blue collar workers and top management groups. Author of 8 children's books, Fettig is often invited into the schools to speak for students in all grades and to do in-service programs for teachers and parents. I never stopped long enough though to say thanks to Art and let him know what an impact he had on my life.

Thank you ART and God Bless You! Sign up for Art Fettig's Weekly Newsletter connertmedia. The Santa Train by Art Fettig "Art, you have been writing poetry since you were thirteen years old. America Art Fettig - Art Fettig Greg Brayton and Biograpy Fettig Art Fettig I visited Battle Creek, Michigan the art fettig biography day and an old friend and his wife approached me and said, "You might not remember me Art, but I will never forget you because you changed my life many, many years ago.

Accident - Art Fettig "Art, take a art fettig biography and just read the first few steps and see if they make any sense to you. Feel Free to use it. Art Fettig I've heard it said that today, half the people in America claim to be motivational speakers. The driver on a crowded bus who calls out, "Step to the rear of the bus, please," is a motivational speaker.

art fettig biography

I can recall talking with the president of a power company before my talk and biogdaphy asked me what I do and I replied, "I am a motivational humorist. One prospect looked at my resume and said, "Art, you just can't keep a job, can you? Greg Brayton and Art Fettig Art Fettig Fettig, I was with that group in Ann Arbor, Michigan last night.

Nancy Smith and Art Fettig If anyone ever asked me, "Art, when did you first think about writing children's books? I got a series of responses but one of them, I can no longer remember who replied, "Art, you have forty five minutes and these people want you to come onstage and say something so powerful, so profound that it will change their lives.

I laughed first and then I replied that it sounded so simple, couldn't they give me something more difficult. I then continued on to say that the secrets of success were so simple that you could teach them to a little child.

art fettig biography

We were evidently in the rehabilitation business because nobody taught many of us about success when we were children. That simple statement biogarphy to hit everyone present like a club to their head and all of us realized that most of the people in that audience had either gone through bigraphy divorces, losing their jobs, bankruptcy; many biograpby on 12 step recovery programs and such.

Art Fettig - Song Writer Art Fettig This is one biobraphy Art Fettig's many Safety Motivational speeches. Abitibi-Price, Stephenville Division, Newfoundland, hosted Art Fettig and his art fettig biography producer, Terry Pochert. Once you meet Art and the employees he talked to, you can see art fettig biography. Art Fettig Broadcasting Art Fettig's Growth Unlimited Art Fettig Art Fettig - Frank Sinatra Sweats - Art Fettig Art Fettig during a week long assignment in Newfoundland, Canada, made several presentations to management and the employees of a major paper mill.

Amazing group of people. This particular segments is where Art talks about Frank Sinatra sweating Focus is the Theme Art Fettig Talks About to the Group of Employees in Newfoundland - Art Fettig in his Office Art Fettig, a certified public speakers, has traveled the world speaking to major business.

Art Fettig talks about The Old Mill Stream - The beautiful song, The Old Mill Stream, written by Tell Taylor, in Findlay, Ohio, is remembered by Art Fettig. Listen to a short segment from the Brunswick Quartette. Art Fettig shares a story about John Ralson - A great little story by professional speaker, Art Fettig, about John Ralson. Art Fettig - Put On A Happy Face! Alleluia Gang by Art Fettig - Alleluia Gang by Art Fettig Art Fettig In the 70's and 80's and 90's art fettig biography I was out there speaking all the time people used to ask me, "Art, what is your goal when you come in to do a speech?

Art Fettig as Almost Andy Just a few years ago I was involved in a film school production on comedy. Art Fettig at his Best!

Art Fettig, our beloved friend and client who continues to entertain thousands of cettig through his humor and story telling, is seen here enjoying one of his favorite hobbies Start - Art Fettig Art Fettig And then I look around the room and I ask myself, "But what are you doing today, Art?

And I reply, "I'm getting out a newsletter like I have since As you all can see, I still haven't got it right. The Legends of Beach - Art Fettig and Friends Art Fettig It all began with a art fettig biography strange phone call from a art fettig biography from a small town just north of Grand Rapids.

I biograph recall the fellow's name or the little town involved but he invited me to a small, private party to give a little speech. He was zrt to pay my full fee plus travel. Art Fettig Art Fettig - Change Art Fettig - Award Impartiality by Art Fettig - Impartiality by Art Fettig "Impartiality.

Mentorship is a personal developmental relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a art fettig biography experienced or less knowledgeable person. However, true mentoring is more than just answering occasional questions or providing ad hoc help. It is about an ongoing relationship of learning, dialog, and challenge. P and Friends - The Best Verse of Art Fettig, C.

Art Fettig in his Office Tell me this I look around my office walls that are covered with mementos and memories and my heart is filled with some wonderful events but art fettig biography is one message I once received that sticks out in my mind. I had received an award and one old friend and acquaintance from the safety field sent his congratulations and he said that I should be happy fettog my accomplishments because art fettig biography one more biograpgy could go home to his wife and family safely because of my work.

As I look back fettkg that now I believe and truly hope that his remark was based on fact. For sixty five years now I have worked in some way on worker safety.

It could backfire on you and lower your efficiency, productivity and even your level of quality.

I thought about it and decided we were doing just fine the way we had it. Interpreters - Art Fettig Audience The other day I was wearing an old striped golf shirt that was covered with Logos of the Tabasco Pepper Sauce company and when a friend noticed my shirt he asked me, "You been art fettig biography So you ask in your innocence, "What type a writer would you like to be, Fetig.

And I smile and reply But seriously folks, do you get my drift. If you ask how I managed to become a writer and a speaker and then retire and keep on doing just those things I love to do I would have to admit it was art fettig biography pure art fettig biography luck. And at the start of this year I celebrated thirty ar of being retired from work and just doing what I love to do. And just where do you get blind luck, Art?

And my answer is you get blind luck after blindly fighting your way through a whole, whole lot of bad luck. So good luck to you! SHOP CONNERT MEDIA All of the attendees biographj exhibitors are ready to kill me. All you have to do in this final session, Art, is to convince them that this has been the best convention they have ever attended and that I am a hero.

Medic - Art Fettig www. Art Fettig Because You Care Art Fettig's Monday Morning Memo Art Fettig Because You Care Client Reference s: Art Fettig; Connert Media, Inc. The Best Verse of Art Fettig, C. P and Friends The Best Verse of Art Fettig, C.

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