what needs and wants are hard to answer
This can help you produce more language than if you keep to your real life which may be less interesting than you want. Give a firm handshake and make eye contact when doing this. Puzzles Quiz Sudoku Online Tests Ask your question?

what needs and wants are hard to answer

Oketa Sylvanus Odaudu said: I could pick up my work and be productive and also become a valuable team player, in a short span of time with my eagerness. In all, I am sure you will be providing me with a salary proportionate to my qualification and job as assigned to BT the company policy. I am a fresher sir. So I go with the company norms. That will not be enough to say. I had the ability nd capable to do the job. Being a fresher I won't expect any thing. Based upon my work I hope you will give.

So, I expect a considerable salary according to ability and company norms, which will fulfil my economic activity. But right now I am just looking for an opportunity to prove my worth for your company. Niranjana S P said: But if you are asking about my salary expectations, it should be according to industry norms.

what needs and wants are hard to answer

So, at this stage, I prefer salary according to your company terms. It is a big platform for me to show my skills, knowledge and ablities and gain experience. So, I expect a considerable of salary according to my abilities and as per your company norms which will fulfil my economic needs. I am confident that you are offering a salary that is competitive in market.

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Waqar Ali Shah said: So I will expect upto for freshers. It will encourage me. I just want to know the unknown things what ever it be it doesn't matter. I just expect a respect mostly. Also upon the company standard. Grace King Aaron said: Soo in my opinion.

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what needs and wants are hard to answer

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what needs and wants are hard to answer

Why did people prefer sea travel in the medieval times? How many thunderstorms can occur at any given time?

what needs and wants are hard to answer

To determine market demand, one needs to do a lot of research. A need is something that is necessary i. A demand is a request for a ne … ed or want to be fulfilled i.

Let's get started with some of the most common waitress interview questions and answers:

Choose a video to embed. What is your knowledge like on wines?


Have you worked long shifts before? Do you needs and want comfortable working on your feet? What do you expect your daily responsibilities will be if you got this job?

As a waitress, it is important to maintain health and safety at work, how would you keep yourself, and your colleagues, safe at work? This question is a popular question for most types of interviews. It's the kind of question, an interviewer asks to see if you're well suited for the job.

what needs and wants are hard to answer

To give the best answer you need to make it relevant to your job. Interviewers will want to hear answers like 'my personality' or 'my experience. To show your interviewer you're telling the truth, use your CV or describe a time, to prove your greatest strength is real and not made up. You need to be careful with this question. Being too honest can dash all hopes of you getting the job.

Here is an example of a good answer:.

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I understand you can't make every customer happy but I want to show I'm good at my job. Business owners like to see their employees are willing to go the extra mile for their customers.

If you can prove that you're willing to go out of your way to help people, you'll shine in the interview. Perhaps one of the biggest deal breakers. Not many managers want newbies working in their restaurant - that's why it can be so hard to get experience. Make sure you have some work experience on your CV.

From my experience I feel comfortable talking to customers.

what needs and wants are hard to answer

If you have worked in a restaurant for over a year, make sure you tell them. If you've only had two months experience, focus on telling them about everything you've learned to show them you're a quick learner. If you've never had experience working specifically as a waitress you can refer to examples when you worked in other service industries hospitality, catering, caring, etc or use examples from other jobs where you've had to work with customers. Waitresses work closely with people, so if you've never worked as a waitress before, make sure you've had work experience working with customers to increase your chances of winning the interview.

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