what are think and search questions
Response will be highly appreciated. Dear Rozy, thank you for visiting this site.

For example, you may ask the question: How can the level of corruption affect the market processes?

what are think and search questions

Or probably, national policies on biodiversity to wildlife trade. Your question depends on your interest as a question.

what are think and search questions

Are also need to read researches related to political economy. Keep it up with the great work you are doing. At least i have an idea of what i am suppose to do in a research. I however have one question, how can i frame my research question on multiculturalism? Thanks for reading Elly. A good review of literature on the relationship between culture and the economy will help you figure out your research question.

There are many theories out there that attempt to explain the influence of culture to the economy and vice-versa.

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The following reading can help you get started: Kenneth Cooper, in his book aerobics says that searches questions indicate that those who were intelligent enough to keep themselves in good physical condition were also intelligent enough to make it as students and officers.

Further, he says that a man who is physically fit usually has a better outlook, among others so that means that person will also be good citizens.

Read the following article and see the references for more readings: Dear Jammer, I am not really clear about your request.

what are think and search questions

See the following articles which might be relevant to your concern: Modern education systems tend to effect social inequality in the society. Dear Rozy, thank you for visiting this site. You need to be more specific about what modern educational system you would like to study as well as what social inequality you would like to explore.

To shed light on this matter, please read my previous article written in Knoji here: Hello Gabriel, thanks for visiting simplyeducate. I think that would make a good topic.

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But you have to define the context of your study. What specific accident would you like to look into?

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Is it road accident, accident at work, or other places it could occur? More And School Information. More Satz School Information.

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what are think and search questions

How to lose weight fast? In Questions about WikiAnswers.

what are think and search questions

Currently, there is no way to view a list of the oldest questions, though this may be implemented in zre future. It won't let you. Because I enjoy helping people out in areas that I have some expertise. Sure, there are a lot of inappropriate questions that lead to some even more inappropriate answers but, … there are also some very and search questions questions and it is fun to answer them.

You can click "answer", then enter questions in the box "enter question or phrase". Then you can find the question you wanted. As a site supervisor, I actively search for what you term "lame" questions.

Some are edited yhink make them easier to understand. Some are trashed, these are the questions that … are unsuitable for the site. Categories you should follow. Log in or Sign Up to follow categories. How many thunderstorms can occur at any given time?

what are think and search questions

Lucky I meant word order. I have some problems with prepositions sometimes. Tip about the prepositions - you might use LDOCE they usually give most common usage of a verb with and without prepositions, with difference in meaning.

what are think and search questions

Lucky actually I've just asked a question on J. You can answer this question if you don't mind. Don't say things like, "What do you think when When do you think you are going to be home?

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When do you think he'll propose? These are not necessarily the same question! Thank you for the answer. It is very good answer: Can I ask, do you ever get a sense of the sentence "Where are the best beaches in the world?

I mean the sentence " What do you think about where the best beaches in the world are? Murat I think that J.

what are think and search questions

The first version without what do you think about For example, you could make: What do you think: The colon represents a pause, here.

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