what are the food nutrients needed by the body
For instance, potassium deficiency causes muscle cramps and calcium deficiency can cause heart and bone diseases. Meat, milk, cheese, and egg are complete proteins that have all the essential amino acids. Those each have 4 kilocalories in one gram.

Other minerals are systemic electrolytes and essential in co-regulation of ATP. Water — serves as a carrier, distributing nutrients nuteients cells and removing wastes through urine.

what are the food nutrients needed by the body

It is also a compulsory agent in the regulation of body temperature and ionic balance of the blood. Of the six essential nutrients you just read about, 3 of them are called Macronutrients, while the other 2 are Micronutrients.

Categories you should follow

Macronutrients include carbohydratesfatsand proteins. They are called macronutrients as they are required in large amounts to fuel the body. Energy is measured in calories and they are essential for the body to grow, the food and develop new tissues, conduct nerve impulses and regulate life process.

You probably wonder if water should be included in this category.

what are the food nutrients needed by the body

Water the body not always be considered a macronutrient, but it sure is an essetial nutrient needed for all body functions in large amounts. For example the USDA lists water as part of Macronutrients see here. Then again you have UNICEF not including water as not part of macronutrients.

what are the food nutrients needed by the body

To do that, make sure to eat the right number of daily servings bovy each food group such as whole bodies, fruits, vegetablesdairy, and proteins. Certain foods pack more nutrients per bite than others.

The 6 Essential Nutrients

Some good examples are fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, beansand low-fat dairy. Lots of new research suggests that our bodies process these nutrients better when we eat whay from whole foods instead of manufactured ones.

what are the food nutrients needed by the body

Of course, many scientists, doctors, nutritionists, and food experts have different opinions about these ideas. Diseases often occur if you suffer from a lack of vitamins. Not enough vitamin D, for example, may lead to bone illnesses. In industrialized countries people often suffer from eating too much. Too much fat and cholesterol in your body can lead to heart diseasesobesity and cancer.

what are the food nutrients needed by the body

High cholesterol levels may make your arteries narrow. The result may be high blood pressurea heart attack or a stroke. The lack of certain minerals may also lead to illnesses.

6 Essential Nutrients and Their Functions

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It is recommended that adults drink 8 glasses of fluid daily or the in hot weather or during physical activity. This fluid does not have to be water alone.

what are the food nutrients needed by the body

It can also be obtained from juice, milk, soup, and foods high bby water such as fruits and vegetables. Caffeine-containing beverages coffee, tea, cola don't count because caffeine is a diuretic, making us lose water.

what are the food nutrients needed by the body

A great plus for water in comparison to the other fluids is that it hydrates our body without extra calories. Next Previous Return to menu.

what are the food nutrients needed by the body

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