what are the different types of earring backs
Learn From Bollywood Beauties Different Earring Back Types A backing type means the mechanism by which the earrings connects to your earlobe piercing. Feel free to consult with the ladies in our customer service department regarding the different types of earring backs that are available from Brian Gavin Diamonds, most of them have had the opportunity to wear all three styles of earring backs and can share their experience with you. How to Work them!

what are the different types of earring backs

Those notches prevent these Backs from sliding off the end. The Domed Discs Feel Nice and Smooth on the Earlobes.

what are the different types of earring backs

Because you can push the Flat Discs all the way up the Post and rest them against the back of your ears. Doing this holds your Earrings snug on your Ears. It keeps them from Drooping on the Earlobe and pointing down.

What are the Different Types of Earrings?

Your Earrings will always be facing up and forward for everyone to see! Are Locking Back Earrings Expensive? Probably not any more than Screw-Back Earrings. Take my adviceif you bacsk Expensive Diamond Stud Earrings and want to Protect them and keep them in your Ears and not in your Vacuum, then Buy Locking Back Earrings! Your Earrings will look betterfit Better and stay in your Ears where they belong! There you have it, the Best Earring Backs to Buy! If you wish to Purchase Locking Backs for Earrings, go Here!

But… Years after I initially Wrote this Post, guess what? BETTER EARRINGS BACKS WERE MADE! Read my NEW Post about the BEST Locking Backs Here! Keep Learning What are some are the different types of antique Avon jewelry?

What is an earring backs organizer?

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What gauge is a normal earring? Steve Wisbauer Photodisc Getty Images. Full Answer A screw post, or screw back, is similar to a push back in shape, but it has a winding groove along the post, allowing the back piece to screw on and off. In which ear do heterosexual men prefer to wear a single earring? In the early 21st back, a man's choice of wearing an earring on either ear is a personal choice, regardless of sexuality.

During the s and early You May Also Like Q: What types of interests are related to outdoor life? Thus, tear drop and earrlng earrings could be a good choice.

what are the different types of earring backs

But you need to ensure that the design is angular rather than being rounded. These faces tend to have strong cheek bones and the earrings should soften their appearance. Hence, rounded tbe, slightly elongated, would be a very good choice. Trendy oversized hoops are also a good option. Dangles, teardrops and chandeliers are apt for this face structure. Make sure that the design features elongated curves as these will draw attention towards the cheekbones, jawline and eyes.

Dangles and hoops will work well with this face structure but care has to be taken to select ones with soft curves.

Different Types Of Diamond Stud Earring Backing

Exaggerated curves could further accentuate the already sharp cheeks and jawline. Thus, they should be avoided. At Augrav we baccks keen to make each of you special and unique in your own way.

What Are the Different Types of Earring Backs?

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what are the different types of earring backs

Different Types of Earring and Buying Complete Guide July 22, — Posted in: BlogWedding Inspirations Different Types of Earrings And Their Names With Picture Stud Earring Versatile because of their design, studs sit directly on the earlobe. Hoops Earring Possessing the look of a ring, this circular or semicircular back is open and passes through the ear piercings.

what are the different types of earring backs

Drops Earring This design mostly comprises of two parts. Below we have composed a list of most earring backings for your convenience we have taken into consideration; safety style and comfort, and graded each earring backing on a scale of 1 to 10 in each category Push Back Also known as a butterfly due to its unique shape, this is one of the more popular earring backing types.

what are the different types of earring backs

French Clip Also known as a clip post, this combines a typical post with a clip to securely hold the earring. Lever backs work very similar to French clip, however the backing is more like a flattened piece of metal that goes flush against the end of the backing CaratsDirect2U Score: Join Our Mailing List.

Different Types Of Diamond Stud Earring Backing When purchasing diamond stud earrings, one of the most important aspects to consider are the backings.

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