what are the causes of a earthquake
They are high frequency, short-wavelength, longitudinal waves which can pass through both solids and liquids. Instead, we can only predict where the next earthquake will happen. It is interesting to note that the visible displacements were traceable along the fault line for about km, and its shock was felt over a distance of more than km in the direction of the fault.

what are the causes of a earthquake

Earthquakes cause in the formation of cracks and fissures on the ground formation. The earthquakes cause landslides and disturb the isostatic equilibrium.

Landslide due to earthquake may block valleys to form lakes. Sometimes the earthquakes cause formation of hot springs which are very useful to people.

what are the causes of a earthquake

The earthquakes sometimes cause submergence in coastal land, and result in formation of inlets, bays and gulfs which help to develop of fishing and shipping etc. Sometimes, the earthquakes cause emergence of costs and bring fertile shore out of water to give chance to develop crop production.

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Some of the earthquakes are artificial, while others are natural.

what are the causes of a earthquake

But it is undoubtedly true that all the earthquakes are caused due to the earthquake in the earth's crust. Volcanic explosions are certainly the most common cause of earthquakes in the neighbourhood of active volcanoes.

What Causes Earthquakes?

Such earthquakes are, therefore, known as volcanic earthquakes. This type of earthquake is caused either under the influence of the increasing pressure of volcanic gases or the subterranean movement of molten lava trying to come x on the earth's surface. Such earthquakes are common in the area near the volcanoes. They may occur before the volcanoes actually erupt which are, in fact, due to the intrusion of dikes and other movement of lava. Moreover, a great and violent earthquake may be caused in the region about the volcanoes when the final eruption occurs.

However, such earthquakes of volcanic origin are generally less violent and more limited in extent than those called tectonic wwhat. But there are exceptions too, for example, the violent earthquake associated with the great eruption of Krakatoa in the Straits of Sunda inwhich caused 35 meters high waves that destroyed villages and killed more than people.

The explosion was so violent that its noise was heard almost all round for a distance of about km. A fault is defined as a fracture plane along which the rocks have been displaced. There are vertical as well as horizontal displacements. Earthquakes are caused due to sudden movements of rocks along faults.

Such earthquakes are called tectonic earthquakes.

What Causes Earthquakes To Occur On Earth?

Remember that the horizontal as well as vertical movements of rocks result from the operation of endogenetic forces beneath the earth's surface. It is due to such movements that folds and faults are created. The fracture of the rock causing a tectonic earthquake is due to elastic strains, which are greater than the strength of the rock can withstand produced by the relative displacement of nearby portions of the earth's crust.

what are the causes of a earthquake

However, the displacements of rocks are not sudden at the time of fracture, but attain their maximum amounts slowly during a long period of time. In fact, the mass movements of blocks of rocks that take place at the time of the earthquake are the sudden elastic rebounds of the sides of the fracture towards positions of non-elastic strain.

what are the causes of a earthquake

The energy liberated at the time of an earthquake was present there in the form of energy of elastic strain of the rock.

The oceanic plate is overridden by the continental plate. By a process called subduction jerky movements are caused along the inclined surface.

what are the causes of a earthquake

Tectonic earthquakes have occurred in Assam in Earthquakes may also be caused by the movement of lava beneath the surface of the earth during volcanic activity. The earthquakes due to Krakatoa volcanic eruption in is a good example of volcanic eruption. Earthquakes may be caused by the dislocation of the crust beneath the surface of the Earth.

Adjustment in inner Rock Beds: Earthquakes are also caused where is an adjustment between Sima [i. This Earthquake may be called as a Plutonic Earthquake. Pressure of gases in the interior: Landslides and avalanches, Denudation of the Landmasses and depositions of materials, Faulting and folding in the rock beds are responsible for causing minor earthquakes.

The impounding of large quantities of water behind dams disturbs the crustal balance.

What are the Causes and Effects of Earthquakes?

The only way in which q a blockage can be removed is by the earthquake up of pressure to the point at which the blockage is literally exploded out of the way. In reality, the weakest part of the volcano will be the part which gives way, sometimes leading to a sideways explosion as in the Mt St.

When extraordinary the causes of pressure develop, the resultant explosion can be devastating, producing an earthquake of considerable magnitude. When Krakatoa Indonesia, between Java and Sumatra exploded inthe explosion was heard over km away in Australia. The shockwaves produced a series of tsunami large sea wavesone of which was over 36m high; that's the same as four, earthquae story houses stacked on top of each other.

These swept over the coastal areas of Java and Sumatra killing over 36, people. By contrast, volcanoes producing free flowing basic lava rarely cause earthquakes. The lava flows freely out of the vent and down the sides of the volcano, releasing pressure evenly and constantly.

What are the essential causes of Earthquakes?

Since pressure doesn't build up, erthquake explosions do not occur. We value your ideas and suggestions.

what are the causes of a earthquake

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