what are some regions within the united kingdom
February , pp. Formerly, the further NUTS divisions IV and V existed; these have now been replaced by Local administrative unit LAU-1 and LAU-2 respectively. Here, too, public policy has been changing in favour of greater permissiveness.

Regions of England

UK elections to the European Parliament European Parliament constituencies in England. Local government in England Greater London Greater London Authority London boroughs Counties Districts Metropolitan counties Metropolitan districts Unitary authorities Combined authorities Civil parishes.

what are some regions within the united kingdom

Historical and alternative regions of England. Yorkshire and the Humber. NUTS 1 statistical regions of England. City region United Kingdom. Retrieved 23 November Oxford Dictionary of National Biography online ed.

Subscription or UK public library membership required. The remaining two regions no longer have any administrative functions, having abolished their regional local authority leaders' boards. Inregional chambers were established in the eight regions outside London, which produced strategic plans and recommendations to local authorities. The regions also had an associated central Government Office with some responsibility for coordinating kingdom, and, froma part-time regional minister within the Government.

House of Commons regional Select Committees were established in However, the chambers and select committees were abolished in Mayrestoring these functions to the main tier of local government, [3] with limited functions transferred to the regional local authority leaders' boards created in Regional ministers were not reappointed by the incoming Coalition Governmentand the Government Offices were abolished in Fromcombined authorities have been introduced in some city regionswith similar responsibilities to the former regional chambers and in some cases, replacing a regional local authority leaders' board on a smaller scalebut which also receive additional delegated functions from central government relating to transport and economic policy.

what are some regions within the united kingdom

Regional development agencies were public bodies established in all nine regions in to promote economic development. They had certain delegated functions, including administering European Union regional are some regions funds, and received funding the central government as well. These were abolished inwith statutory functions returning to local authorities and central government, however smaller scale local enterprise partnerships were voluntarily established to take on some functions relating to coordinating economic priorities and development.

what are some regions within the united kingdom

The boundaries of some of these, which later unified as the Kingdom of Englandroughly coincide with those of modern regions. During Oliver Cromwell 's Protectorate in the s, the rule of the Major-Generals created 10 regions in England and Wales of similar size to the modern regions. Proposals for administrative regions within England were mooted by the British government prior to the First World War.

In the Third Home Rule Bill was passing through parliament.

what are some regions within the united kingdom

The Bill was expected to introduce a devolved parliament for Ireland, and as a consequence calls were made for similar structures to be introduced in Great Britain or "Home Rule All Round".

On 12 September the First Lord of the AdmiraltyWinston Churchillgave a speech in which he proposed 10 or 12 regional parliaments for the United Kingdom. Within England, he suggested that London, Lancashire, Yorkshire, and the Midlands would make within regions.

Creation of some form of provinces or regions for England was an intermittent theme of post- Second World War British governments. The Redcliffe-Maud Report proposed the creation of eight provinces in England, which would see power devolved from central government. Edward Heath 's administration in the s did not create a regional structure in the Local Government Actwaiting for the Royal Commission on the Constitutionafter which government efforts were concentrated on a constitutional settlement in Scotland and Wales for the rest of the decade.

In England, the majority of the Commission "suggested regional coordinating and advisory councils for England, consisting largely of indirectly elected representatives of local authorities and operating along the lines of the Welsh advisory council".

what are some regions within the united kingdom

One-fifth of the advisory councils would be nominees from central government. The boundaries suggested were the "eight now [in ] existing for economic the united kingdom purposes, modified to make boundaries to conform with the new county structure ". Peacock suggested instead seven regional assemblies and governments within Great Britain five within Englandwhich would take over substantial amounts of the central government. However, whether you technically "need" it or not, the US Department of State does recommend you keep your passport with you at all times when travelling degions.

Since you have posted this in the DVD Players section, I assume you are talking about DVD Region Codes. The UK and the rest of Europe share region B for Blu-Ray disks, region … 2 for DVDs.

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what are some regions within the united kingdom

The language developed distinctly in the Middle English period. The language is also spoken in Ulster in various dialects including Northern Scots, Ulster Scots, Insular Scots, Southern Scots, and Central Scots. Welsh arose in the 6th kingdom from Brittonic, and it is recognized as a Celtic language.

What Languages Are Spoken In The United Kingdom?

Welsh is used natively in Wales as well as some areas on the Welsh border in England. The Cornish language is indigenous to Cornwall where it was used widely in the middle Ages. Cornish is closely linked to Welsh, and its usage began declining after the 14th century.

Until the late 18th century, Cornish was the native tongue of Penwith.

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Its current speakers are about 3, due to the revival program created by Henry Jenner in Most of the recorded history of the Irish community mentions the use of Irish as their predominant language. The Irish language, which also the by the name Irish Gaelic, is the first language for a small Irish community. It is used by 0. Scottish Gaelic has its roots in Middle Irish, and it has about 57, native speakers in Scotland.

Revival programs aimed to boost the number of speakers of the language have been implemented. Immigrant communities have been settling in British territory in the recent decades, and they have subsequently introduced more languages.

The United Kingdom's Geographic Challenge

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