seeing images when eyes are closed
But evidently no external cause suggests itself either! Of course this didn't prove that OBEs are dreams, as I personally believe they are, but it did prove that when we are absolutely certain that we were awake when something happened, are sure we know what a dream feels like and "this was different, I was absolutely awake", we can be mistaken. I use to see what looked like the outlines of people on the edge of my vision quickly going past.

However, unlike a TV set, our retinas can not be turned off. Even when we close our eyes, they are active.

seeing images when eyes are closed

They are buzzing with the metabolism and regeneration of visual pigments. You can think of it as the TV not being shut off, but changed to a fuzzy picture like when an old TV is on but in between channels.

seeing images when eyes are closed

Phosphenes are like visual noise that our retinas make. Phosphenes can also be caused by mechanical stimulation of the retina through applied pressure or tension. The seeing images pressure being put on the retina stimulates it and generates phosphenes and light. Still, I know it falls on deaf ears, that is if your ears are like many at your age, including my own at 25yrs. I have to say it though, put away the bottle and strive for a better, fuller, richer life. On the topic in question.

I have often wondered if others experienced this weird thing; but with me, I close my eyes and kind of, wait and then, people's faces come to view, intricate like you say, in detail. Who or what they are is a mystery.

seeing images when eyes are closed

Mysteries are forever just that, unless you have a way of discovery, I can't think how anyone could find out the reason. I imagine, that maybe they are just faces of people you pass in life, but why you recall them is a bafflement. One's "sub-concious" is a mystery too.

seeing images when eyes are closed

When I was young, this explanation would have driven me crazy as know doubt it might you!! All I can say is, isn't it amazing how complex the human-being is!!

I use to see what looked like the outlines of people on the edge of my vision quickly going past. Basically it's a pre-dream state kind of like extreme deep relaxation where the body is asleep or eye to it and the mind is awake.

Images, sounds, other sensations are reported during this. I often will tell my partner what I see when in this state and think that it's cool. Read the article and see that artist to scientist have used the information gleaned from this state to aid their work.

Seeing images of people when eyes closed

Posted December 31, I too experience this sober and more strongly when I'm more light sensitive like stoned or hung over. I have for years. Posted January 1, This happened to me alot when I was younger and I do believe I have came up with a solution.

I think that the faces we see in a dark room in detail or while our eyes are closed is your memory playing back people you may have seen but have not made a connection with.

clear images with eyes closed

Its kinda like our mind freeing up space for new peoples faces. The subconscious picks up alot of are closed that we dont realise. Home Marijuana News Higher Learning Strains Forums Products Services Events. Search titles only Posted by Member: Separate imagrs with a comma.

seeing images when eyes are closed

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I don't naturally have vivid CEVs, at least not most of the time but I have had them occasionally even in childhood and its kind of sweet when it does happen. I envy your closedd a bit. If your friends strong natural tendency to have CEVs is not interfering image when work, social functioning, or sense of well being I think we can say its not pathological.

Seeing images when my eyes are closed?

I'd call it a gift. Some people have profound synesthesia there whole lives. Sometimes we find other people's having way different mental experiences a little disturbing because a lot of us have a theory of mind that is that most closes are all "wired the same way". Its a good assumption to have for a lot of purposes but it might not be as true as we'd like it to be.

As to the neurobiology I don't have any idea. If he has lots of deja vu, jamais vu, seeign feels like he detects presences it would be a clue indicating temporal lobe stuff. When I am performing a task that has a strong visual component, and no words pulling weeds of a particular species, or picking fruitand I do it for dozens of minutes, I see whatever I have been looking at in vivid clarity when I close my eyes.

The effect passes a short time after I complete the task. Yes, I experience the same thing! It's actually kind of bizarre to see it written out.

It doesn't happen every time I close my eyes, however. It's usually when I am in bed, though it doesn't seem hypnagogic--it starts as soon as I lay down.

seeing images when eyes are closed

Mine are almost always invasive and scary, and are usually various creepy faces and sometimes more disturbing things. They move and are 3-dimensional but not eues color.

Seeing Flahses of Light With my Eyes Closed?!?

I always know they are not real. I only worry that these images are manifestations of inner anxiety and that they sometimes keep me from falling asleep. The phenomenon itself doesn't really affect my life in any substantial way.

If your friend's visions are usually pleasant, the frequency doesn't seem as big of a problem. If they remain disturbing, and if they really occur every time he closes his eyes, I might bring it up to a doc or therapist.

seeing images when eyes are closed

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