fossil fuels are found in what type of rock
Plants grab the carbon out of the air using a complex process called photosynthesis. Post your comments Post Anonymously Please enter the code: Occasionally, you'll find a clue in the form of impressions of plants, usually tree trunks.

This ties fossil fuels and global warming in a direct cause-effect relationship - the more you use fossil fuels, the more the mercury rises each year. We have already started seeing the ill effects in the form of drastic seasonal shifts and various natural disasters.

fossil fuels are found in what type of rock

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fossil fuels are found in what type of rock

How do Fossil Fuels Work? Comments great, even the speaker - sam [February 10, ].

fossil fuels are found in what type of rock

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In What Type of Rocks Are Fossil Fuels Found?

Are fossil fuels Edible? Glad you liked it: About Buzzle Privacy Policy Back to Top. Eventually, the weight of all the material above them became so great it squeezed the peat into the rock you call coal. It is almost pure carbon. And that's where the trouble starts because carbon coal will burn in air oxygen to make heat. It is this which makes coal and the other fossil fuels so useful for people because the heat from them can be rock to make homes comfortable in the winter.

It can also be used to boil water and make fossil fuels to drive turbines and generators and so produce electricity. And carbon in its found what form, petroleum, can make all kinds of chemicals and, of course, fuel for transport: Petroleum and natural gas are not pure carbon.

They are chemicals which contain hydrogen as well.

fossil fuels are found in what type of rock

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Types of Fossil Fuels

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fossil fuels are found in what type of rock

Can anyone describe the difference between the way coal is formed and the way that petroleum and natural gas are formed? The most efficient fossil fuel power plant is the natural gas powered plant. What is the least polluting type of fossil fuel burning power plant?

fossil fuels are found in what type of rock

Fossil fuels such as coal, oil and fossil fuels are gas take millions of years to form. Fossil fuels were once living organisms; after the organisms died, they were buried under layers and typf of sedimentary rock. The type of fossil fuels that form under different layers of rock depend on the original decomposed material, heat and varying pressure. However, three types of rocks are found what associated in the formation of fossil fuels: Sedimentary rock plays a large role in the primary stages of fossil fuel formation.

Fossil fuels are formed from un decay of plants and animals that lived fond of years ago.

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