Andrew veenstra biography

andrew veenstra biography

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Schulenburg Sticker, 17 Sep MRS. Died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Mary Boudarer, aged 58 years and her remains were interred in the City Cemetery last Thursday at 4: Bohmfalk of Freybury [sic], officiating.

Boudarer was born in Basel, Switzerland, and came to this country in She leaves two children, Mrs. Wilks of this city, and Mrs Fred Weggers of Shiner, and a host of relatives and friends to mourn her demise. Our sincere sympathy is extended. Contributed by Matt Cross undated newspaper clipping MRS.

Katie Bowman, a pioneer lady of this section and a highly esteemed citizen, passed away at 2: Moellenberndt Saturday andrew veenstra biography at three o'clock, Rev. Interement was in the new cemetery [La Grange City Cemetery]. Bowman, aged 43 years, is survived by one son, Eddie, and two daughters, Lois and Elizabeth; one andrew veenstra biography, Mrs.

Phillips, and her mother, besides other relatives, and a host of friends are left to mourn the going of this one who was loved by all. Bowman was a native of LaGrange. Photo and clipping contributed by Lois Ferguson JOHN BOYD Schulenburg Sticker, 14 Jan Friday morning the writer in company with Editor Theuer of the Volksfreund, and Messrs.

Pennington went to LaGrange for the andrew veenstra biography of witnessing the the [sic] legal execution of one John Boyd, colored, for the crime of rape. Through the courtesy of Mr. Nickel, our deputy tax assessor, we were procured admission tickets. Later our affable Sheriff permitted us to visit the andrew veenstra biography and view the andrew veenstra biography and other prisoners, several of whom are from this city and vicinity.

Zapp stepped up to the cell occupied by Boyd and read to him the death warrant. The negro, if at all affected by the instrument, gave no outward show.

William Nickles, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal church, spoke to the condemned man, recited the trials of Jesus Christ and asked him if he did not desire to make a talk or to pray. To this offer there was only a shake of the head. Sheriff Loessin, Deputy Sheriff Will Loessin Lee Smith, Dan Reiss ank [sic] O. Zapp than [sic] stepped into the cell and the prisoner was led to the andrew veenstra biography.

He walked erect and seemed more possessed than the big sheriff whose duty it was under the law to execute him. The steps of the scaffold were climbed with the same ease, and when the top was reached he took the seat at the left and awaited the command to stand upon the trap.

A test of his pulse at this moment registered 84 per minute. Nickles again admonished him to make peace with hisGod [sic], and asked him if he wanted to make a brief talk to the people and asked that they lead a good life.

He listened and noted the approval to the recital, but did not desire to make a statement. The fall broke his neck At The body was permitted to hang until The body was then lowered, placed in the coffin prepared for him and then carried to the colored cemetery.

None of his people except one aunt came to see him. The execution was as private as possible, a wall having been erected in the rear of the jail where the scaffold, upon which Clay Ford, a negro, was hanged for the killing of an aged negress inwas built. The rope was purchased by Sheriff Loessin eight years ago. It was to be used to hang a negro from Winchester, this county for a similar crime, but, after conviction and sentence, it was proven that the andrew veenstra biography was only 17 years old when the offense was committed, and the sentence was commuted to life imprisonment.

Newspaper reporters, doctors and officers were given admission tickets. The death watch was placed on duty the first of the week, but this did not seem to trouble the criminal. In fact, he was quite unruly, and the balance of the prisoners in jail were somewhat afraid of him. When this was done Boyd told the big sheriff that he wanted no more of such callers, nor did he solicit their advice.

He further stated that he would go to hell without the damn preachers.

Upon several occasions Boyd has been very unruly, and at times the jailer was compelled to use a club to subdue him. He has always been known as a worthless negro, and his demeanor since his confinement coroborates [sic] this testimony.

Boyd was born and raised near Weimar in Colorado county, but as soon as he became old enough to earn a few nickels wandered about. THE STORY OF CRIME. The woman came to her home from the field and was approached by the negro as she came to the yard. After accomplishing his hellish purpose the black andrew veenstra biography ran away, leaving his victim lying on the ground partly unconscious.

The crime was committed during the absence of her husband, andrew veenstra biography, who had gone to Schulenburg to andrew veenstra biography some potatoes. After recovering consciousness the victim went to the nearest neighbor and gave the alarm. The entire citizenship of Schulenburg, Engle and Flatonia was aroused, and officers from those places and also from LaGrange and citizens began to search, the latter with the determination that has so often been demonstrated in cases of this nature.

On the Friday following Marshal Eilers and Constable Williams of Schulenburg, Col. Frank Johnson and Deputy Sheriff Will Loessin of LaGrange captured the andrew veenstra biography near Schulenburg and at once took him to the scene of his crime, where he was positively identified by his victim. But the crowd grew rapidly in numbers and congregated to the rear of the hall, and for quite a while it seemed as though a rush would be made for the building and the brute secured.

Will Loessin, the andrew veenstra biography sheriff, had secretly ordered a buggy and horse, requesting that the animal be tied in the front of the building. While the crowd was clamoring at the rear entrance the officer made his way to the front of the building, hurried the prisoner into the andrew veenstra biography and was off before the angry people knew of his intention.

In fact he was five miles from town when the crowd was informed that the negro had been taken away. The negro was placed in andrew veenstra biography, and has been there for over three years. As the crime was committed in June the brute was fed at the expense of the county until District Court met in November.

On Wednesday, December 19th, Boyd was placed on trial. The first witness for the state was Mrs. On direct examination she fully identified the negro. Upon cross examination one of the most remarkable incidents ever witnessed in a court room took place. Barash was removed from the court room and then the defendant, together with his counsel, retired from the court room. While out another negro changed clothes with the defendant, and together still with another negro, returned to the court room.

There was a remarkable resemblance between the two negroes and the defendant. Barash was then brought back into the court room and resumed her testimony upon cross examination. Counsel for defendant after asking many questions, suddenly asked the witness to point out the defendant. The case was carried to the criminal court of andrews veenstra biography and the judgment of the lower court was affirmed. This occurred in May At the November andrew veenstra biography of the District Court Judge L.

Moore sentenced the negro to hang on Friday January 8th, NELLIE DAWN BOYKIN Weimar Mercury, 21 Octpage 3 Died, in this city, Wednesday night, october 11,at Boykin, aged 8 years and 10 months. The funeral took place Thursday afternoon from the residence of Mrs. Ballard at 5 o'clock. Boykin live between Weimar and Schulenburg. Their little daughter was visiting at Mrs. Ballard's when taken ill. THE MERCURY sincerely regrets to learn of this sad misfortune, and tenders r.

Boykin heartfelt sympathy in this hour of sadness and gloom.

WILLIAM BRADDOCK Weimar Mercury 31 Janpage 2 Died. Braddock, died at his home near Flatonia, on Thursday, Jan. He leaves a large family of small children and a wife to mourn his departure.

The Argus extends to the afflicted relatives its sincere sympathy. BRADSHAW Weimar Mercury, 21 Novandrew veenstra biography 8 LaGrange, Texas, November Ever since the firm failed he has been greatly troubled and his andrew veenstra biography was brought on by dislocation of the heart.

He was born in Tennessee in August,and in he came to Texas, locating in LaGrange.

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Soon afterward he married Miss S. Haynie and engaged in the general merchandise business with Mr. Hill inand in Hill sold out to J. Bradshaw was one of the most popular men in the state and was liked and esteemed by all who knew him.

He was a kind and loving father and husband. He leaves a wife and two children to mourn his andrew veenstra biography. The funeral took place at 4: He was a member of the Masonic order, Knights of Pythias and Knights of Honor, all of which turned out in full force.

He was buried with Masonic rites.

andrew veenstra biography

Bradshaw has done more for LaGrange than any other man here and whenever a young as well as an old person needed help they did not hesitate to seek him for needs as well as advice. The familly and relatives have the deepest sympathy of the entire community. AMZI BRADSHAW Weimar Mercury, 5 Octandrew veenstra biography 7 DEATH CALLS LIFELONG CITIZEN OF LAGRANGE Thursday andrew veenstra biography at 9 o'clock Amzi Bradshaw, age 63 andrews veenstra biography, passed out of this world at his home here.

At this writing the funeral arrangements have not been made. Deceased is survived by his wife, two sons, Bob of Houston and Beverley of here; two daughters, Mrs.

andrew veenstra biography

Fannie McMillin of Houston and Miss Mary Jane of andrew veenstra biography. Two sisters, one in Houston and one in California, also survive. Bradshaw was a life andrew veenstra biography citizen of LaGrange, his father having served Fayette county as treasurer for many years.

Bradshaw, LaGrange, died June 4. Schulenburg Sticker, 8 June The death of R. Bradshaw of LaGrange has caused sincere regret among our citizens.

Schulenburg Sticker, 15 June DEATH OF R. Monday morning the sad news spread over the city that our beloved county treasurer, R. His death, due to heart failure, was a great shock to our community, as many of our citizens had seen and spoken to him Sunday andrew veenstra biography while on his way to spend a day at the farm home of B. Bradshaw was born in Bedford county, Tennessee, on November 6,and inandrew veenstra biography his parents moved to LaGrange; started a mercantile business in this city in ; three years later he joined a cavalry regiment and served as a private.

Bradshaw was elected county treasurer, but it was not until February,before he qualified and assumed charge of the office, the former incumbent making a contest. He has filled this position of trust and honor continuously since, a period of thirty-one years — the best proof of the implicit confidence the people of old Fayette had placed in his honesty and reliability. At the time of his death, besides being county treasurer, Mr. Bradshaw was vice-president of the First National Bank of this city.

In August,he was married to Miss Anna L. Cook of this county, with three children Amzi, Mrs. White and Miss Mable — survive him. The funeral took place Tuesday morning from his late residence, and was one of the largest ever seen in this andrew veenstra biography many citizens from different parts of the county were in attendance, which plainly showed the high esteem in which the deceased was held.

Religious services were conducted by Rev. Drake of Austin of the Presbyterian church. Deceased was a member of the Masonic fraternity, the Ancient Order of United Workmen and the Knights of Pythias. In the death of Mr.

Bradshaw, the city, as well as the county, losses [sic] a most valuable citizen, and the vacancy will be hard to fill. Out of respect for the deceased, all offices in the court house, as well as all business houses in the city, were closed during the time for the funeral.

The pall bearers were: Schulenburg Sticker, 6 July Deaths Recorded Since Last Report. Bradshaw, age 65, LaGrange, died June 4. Contributed by Matt Cross ZELMA BRADY Weimar Mercury, 7 Febpage 2 Died, at LaGrange, Jan. Brady, wife of Mr. Brady, aged 22 years. The death of this lady was very sudden. As late as last Friday she was up and able to attend to her household duties. She was married to Mr. Brady only a few weeks ago, and to be snatched, as it were, from her loving husband and friends, in her youth, buoyant and in the hope of a life of howard gossage biography and prosperity, does seem hard to bear.

But the ways of Providence are inscrutable and all should submit without murmuring to his deserves. BRAEUER Infant La Grange Deutsche Zeitung, 29 Nov Willow Springs, Nov Ein wenige Tage altes Kind des Hrn A. A few days old child of Mr. A Braeuer has died and Mrs. Braeuer lies very ill.

Probably buried in the Pagel Cemetery. Contributed by Rox Ann Johnson ANNA KRAMER BRANDES La Grange Journal, Thursday, October 20, Mother Brandes Passes Mrs. Anna Brandes, andrew veenstra biography of the late Gerhard Brandes, died at the family home at Trinity Hill, Wednesday evening, October 25?

Moebus, her pastor, pay a worthy tribute and witness the placing the body to its last rest in the Trinity Hill cemetery. Many, not related to the deceased, will miss the kindly disposed woman who, meeting the vicissitudes of life, leaned smilingly on the staff the Savior tendered. As the flowers were banked high, the spontaneous thought of all formed the welcome wish: Brandes, had she lived until Friday of this week, would have been 71 years of age.

She was born at Schwaetz, Brandenburg-Preussen, Germany, October 21,she was a daughter of John G. When 7 years old, He who works in a mysterious way, decreed that she be left an orphan, both of her parents joined the ever increasing majority, and she was taken under the protecting influence of her aunt and uncle. The rites of confirmation she received at the age of 14 years.

And then fell to her the coldness of the hour, the compulsion to face the world and earn her own livelihood. Her brothers and sisters, with the exception of one, Paul Kramer, died within a few years after the demise of her parents.

As a domestic servant she battled on until the appeal came to go to America, the land of great promise. Brother and sister made the sea voyage inand shortly after their arrival, Mrs.

Brandes made her home in Fayette county, where she continued to live until the last summons were issued. Her brother died in San Antonio 30 years ago.

andrew veenstra biography

Moebus, paid this merited tribute to Mrs. Brandes, a devout and faithful member of the Trinity Hill Lutheran church, 3 miles west from La Grange: Their union had been blessed with eleven children, three sons died in infancy: Paul, Eric and John.

Elfrieda, wife of C. Wiemken; Anna, wife of the late Herman Frerichs; Bertha, wife of Gerhard Janssen; Charlotte, wife of Alex Schroeder; Ericke, wife of Wenzil Hannisch; Mary, wife of Eric Poetschke; Felix Brandes and his wife; Hulda, wife of Will Schroeder; her sons-in-law, and 21 grandchildren. The congregation thus loses a faithful member, the children a loving pious mother, all of us a kind-hearted friend.

Our loss however, is her gain as we confidently hope.

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