Alexander graham bell mini biography

alexander graham bell mini biography

Dolbear's own instrument could transmit tones but not voice quality. When he was a youth he took a challenge from a mill operator and created a machine that removed the husks from grain. Explore a biography of Alexander Graham Bell the inventor of the telephone. Discover facts about his early life through to his later inventions. Alexander Graham Bell, Scottish-born American inventor and teacher of the deaf, is best known for perfecting the telephone to transmit, or send, vocal. In Bell made scientific studies of the resonance vibration of the mouth while speaking. The school subsequently became part of Boston University, where Bell was appointed professor of vocal physiology in

The apparatus is actuated using mobile a metal strip, similar to those of the clarinets. In MarchBell improves quality of the vibraphone by replacing the strip by a wire plunged in a container filled of water and acid.

The liquid produces module the intensity of the current in the wire in a way alexander graham bell mini biography to the sound waves of the atmosphere. Bell visits eminent scientist Joseph Henry at the Smithsonian Institution and explains to him his alexander graham bell mini biography for the telephone, in march, Henry recognizes the significance of Bell's work and offers him encouragement.

alexander graham bell mini biography

In Septemberhe began to write the specifications for the phone. United States Patent No. Elisha Gray then brought several lawsuits, all of which result in a judgment against him. Watson -- Come here -- I want to see you. The first telephone exchange in the United States opens in New Haven, inalexander graham bell mini biography license from Bell Telephone.

Within a few years, licensed telephone exchanges open in every major city in the country. January 14,Bell demonstrates the telephone for Queen Victoria.

And the 12 februarythe Bell Telephone Company merges with the New England Telephone Company to become the National Bell Telephone Company, then the American Bell Telephone Company, the alexander graham bell mini biography year. ByAlexander Graham Bell's second telephone patent expires, opening the telephone industry to competition Within a decade, over 6, companies went into the telephone business across the country.

January 25,held the opening ceremony of the transcontinental alexander graham bell mini biography line, and to give it more prestige, it is Bell in New York Office of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company and Watson in San Francisco, who are invited to make the first transcontinental phone call!

When Alexander Graham Bell dies in in his house of summer of Baddeck, thirteen million telephones are already sold. Junethe U. House of Representatives officially recognized the role of the Italian-American Antonio Meucci in the invention of the telephone.

Indeed, inBasilio Catania, ex-Director General of CSELT the research agency and development of Italian telecomsdiscovers the work of Antonio Meucci.

Until then, nobody had ever questioned the paternity of Bell invented the telephone. December 12,Antonio Meucci founded the Telettrofono Company with three partners and 28 December, he protects his invention Telettrofono by a "warning patent" formula renewable cheaper than a patent.

alexander graham bell mini biography

For lack of financial resources, Meucci is seen unable to renew it before its expiry, in Two years later, inBell filed his patent. Convinced of having stolen his invention, Meucci suing him. The trial lasted untilwhen the death of Meucci ends proceedings, without the inventorship of the phone is recognized in him.

In the honor of Alexander Graham Bell, the measuring unit of the sound power, adopted inthe name of decibel will carry Photophone In the French Government awards Bell the Volta Prize of 50, francs, for the invention of the electric speaking telephone. He uses the prize money to set up the Volta Laboratory as a permanent, self-supporting experimental laboratory devoted to invention.

With his young associate, Charles Sumner Tainter, he invent the photophone and he took the alexander graham bell mini biography to present it the Meudon Observatory. The photophone can produce and reproduce sound by using the properties of selenium and has nothing in common with the transmission of pictures.

December 14,they get two patents on the preparation of selenium cells. That year they deposited at the Smithsonian two sealed tin boxes containing models and documentation of a device they called a photophone, which transmitted sound over a beam of light, and other apparatus. The inventors hoped that the sealed boxes would prove their priority in invention; they did not want to file a patent for fear of giving away secrets that would help competitors.

One can imagine that it could be the strategic and commercial importance of such a discovery: It is therefore not without reason that Bell considered until his death that this invention was superior to that of the electric telephone. But it will be mainly the work conducted in on the laser beams, resulting in particular in the launch of the Compact Disc Audio, which show that the hypothesis of Bell - transmit sound through the light - was no absurd Telectroscope distance vision Louis Figuier, great popularizer French scientist, dedicates a long article about the phone in the volume But most astonishing is that this article is immediately followed by another article entitled "The telectroscope, a device to transmit distances images", which assigns to Graham Bell invented this device.

alexander graham bell mini biography

There is no known trace Bell's contribution of telectroscope on that date. Figuier himself seemed skeptical, since it ends the article by writing " This attribution is only a fanciful illustrations of the movement of imagination sparked by the announcement of the arrival of the phone: In Europe, the two pioneers of research on this subject will, inPortugal's Adriano de Paiva and French Constantin Senlecq. Both recognize that this is the announcement of the development of the electric telephone by Bell, which stimulated their work.

The term Telectroscope fell into disuse after the introduction inthe word television Source: American Council of Learned Societies, Library and Archives Canada - Library of Congress American Memory - Smithsonian Institution - National Geographic.

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